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The house, which has destroyed Pitt.

Bush black comedy «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - a shot in each obmanutoe heart.

In Angelina Jolie's most evil in the light of the feet and the biggest lips. In Brad Pitt, told hudovaty legs too, seem to «Three» legs needed a backup. With regards to the lips did not exactly say, because they are located on the face of such charm that all remember in a fog - what there were lips, large eyes were there - all are irrelevant. But they - the sex of all living (poll journal People, 2005).

With all their unearthly beauty of the most sex, they were, of course, because they have the most durkovatye of the most beautiful.

In the new movie «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» them useful and legs and hands and lips, and all that falls under the category of «physical form», as well as how Ironically for a black comedy, in the category of «rich interior content». The best thing (and this film - the exact shot in the heart of each film, and just loving heart obmanutoe) made without zverinoy seriousness with bloom this bestolkovosti, which only allows things come to life.

So, two prominent krasavtsev introduces most romantic way to Mexico (behind the scenes - every Fandango and castanets), and then wake up in a great hotel room (see the movie «Mexican» - Number the same) and decide what still it is love. Stop. That was a mistake. It was not love, it was a passion. However, a film about the passion does not begin with the dating scene, and from receiving a family psychologist, where are Mr. and Mrs. Smith, after five (according to her husband) or six (wife remembers better years), because increasingly they want from each other's boredom pridushit. From boredom and professional habits: they are both - hired assassins in the competing firms and conceal their true lives of each other. Everything becomes even worse (as is it may be something worse, when the husband to every word you said with a smile underlined: «No, darling»?), When they receive the same assignment, which enjoy each other's eyes saw. I would be this film about love, they, of course, wildly be glad to find the soul of family and would share sekretikami skills, would be «Child spy-4».

But this is a film about the passion (castanets heard all the anxiety), and therefore they are quite willing to kill each other. This is called «How did he (she!) Could all hide from me!».

Passion can sleep habits household waste, but there tleet a wild way.

From the metaphor of the murderous feelings in the past year has ÒÁÚÏÂÒÁÌÓÑ Tarantino, forcing Beatrix Kidd and Bill to kill each other, but director Doug Liman ( «Identification Born») is a decent way to deal with problem. Pitt and Jolie will shoot at each other from a variety of weapons, throw knives, pans, beat each other with their feet professionally, and it means - painful, because in his heart - a fire.

You vral me all the time, and therefore, you rotter, sdohnesh.

In the process of reviewing the relationship ( «I have now come to our home and destroy all the things that you gave» - «No really, I come first!») doll's house will be demolished smithereens. But the wife did manage to curb the pride and move closer to love, otzvezdiv how to each other with their feet and pans (followed by a hot scene, which producers fairly podsokratili, fearing the reaction of fans with Jennifer Aniston. Aniston? And, it is Pitt's wife, whom he divorced after shooting the film, should have the same passion to be a victim).

Here is where we find that the whole world against them, and arrogant woman Mrs Smith (a man, of course, is gentle, broken, and recognizes its first sense) have to choose on whose it is the party - their own or shared. The exchange will take place with all the lights in the house number two - a supermarket «Home made», full fun items, Christmas trees and other charms. This is already a huge domische as a model suffocating, a routine of family life, too, will have to destroy, shot all the enemies and all the lovely trees.

«You, as two competing supermarket, one of you live»,

- will explain Pittu his friend (Vince Vaughn). Well, next to «Home made» will be visible for another supermarket, simpler. (By the way, the jokes in the movie Sea - Day care for the T-shirt of one hostage, there is the inscription «Fight club», to the poster and overalls, all the detail - is the true expanse loving eye viewer.)

By the way, Mr. Pitt is keen design. In order to reach a consensus with the artistic director, he invited him to his house, which is itself dekoriroval. Well, that benefited the film - the artist took his stylistic decisions. The house that had to leave Jennifer Aniston (even remember who it?) After divorce. Pitt bought a house in London, close to Miss Jolie. This destroys the passion, and if love comes, it will repair, and new Christmas trees.

shooting in the kitchen and the other with tenderness begin June 9 «Baikonur», «Kinosfere» «Formula cinema» (at Kashirka on Sheremetevskoy on Mozhayke) and from June 10 all cinemas.

Valya Kotik

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