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Thank you for your fish.

The film «Avtostopom on Galaxy» is filled with special effects are not for decoration, but because everything is as it was. And what would you do if you were a robot with a manic-depressive?.

Why once thought that life become worse than not, it immediately becomes worse? These are all fantastic films, laser sabelki all these computer effects, for which we do this? No, you tell me that, in principle, would you do if you were a robot with a manic-depressive?

Same as everything: go to a movie to watch «Avtostopom for the Galaxy» (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). For, as it's called you, earth, dispelled. Primitive life forms, as you know, just for this and go to the movies - razveyatsya and look at the special effects.

Special effects in the movie Garta Jennings «Avtostopom on Galaxy» is. They were there for several. For example, sometimes the characters turn into pupae knitted their space ship - in a rose (the doctor, so you will), and John Malkovych, rising from a chair, begins to look over small metal insect legs. No special effects are made not to make your heart come from the beauty of colored pixels, and the hands began to get themselves out of pocket, more and more money and poke their creators of the film.

Special effects such as that all was well. We will not rewrite history, as has been well shown.

So the story: for many, many millions of years before the movie «Avtostopom on Galaxy» one supercomputer asked, what is it that the answer to the question of Life, the Universe and Total It received a response «Forty-two» and realized that to formulate a forgotten issue. Twenty-eight years before the movie Englishman Douglas Adams invented a radio «Avtostopom for the Galaxy», then the book came out, television, and for twenty years, with a little before the movie wanted to film the book. At the main role of invited and Bill Murray, Jim and Kerry, but nothing worked. In the four years before the film died, Douglas Adams, the creator of this universe and all such. (In the film about his authorship of the text say: The universe, argues one of the galactic religions, came as a result of chiha Creator. Nose, who created the universe, exactly follows the nose by Douglas Adams.) Year for three before the movie a Garth Jennings decided to become a director and to begin to address the video clips - shot a video for all REM Yes Blur.

Within a few seconds before the initial credits «Avtostopom on Galaxy» Dolphins choir sang the song «Thank you for the fish» (no, not one that is known to us in the performance of A. Paperny, but meaning about the same) and disappeared from the Earth.

A few minutes after the initial land titles were destroyed, because through our planet, you see, have paved the hyperspace highway. As a result, after hearing the terrible poems and proboltavshis 29 seconds in a vacuum, zemlyanin Arthur Dent was on the spacecraft, President of the Galaxy Zafoda Biblbroksa with his friend Ford prefect earthly woman Trillian, a towel, and two white mice.

I do not know how people perceive this film, which did not read a great book by Douglas Adams «Guide« Avtostopom for the Galaxy ». It decided that its full-delusion, the result gallyutsinoza, squirrel intergalactic scales. In any «Star Wars» or «Fifth Element», at least clear who is good, and who is bad. And there are all idiots, and especially the audience. The film is populated shutami and bezumtsami. Two-Sam Rockwell (Biblbroks), suffering from manic-manic psychosis. Vyalaya Zui Deshanel (Trillian), generally unclear how ugovorivshaya parents to let her in Hollywood. Embarrassed Martin Freeman (Arthur Dent), even in the film arthausnom not godyaschiysya the role of the hero. Afrogumanoid Mos Def (Ford) are not able to build the faces of his more fortunate brethren by the color of Will Smith and Eddie Murphy.

all these people, too, it seems, thought Douglas Adams: I like earth can call Mos Def and Zui Deshanel?

Eternally depressed robot Marvin, same-Paranoid android, which so greatly zanudno-sang Radiohead. Inoplanetnye bureaucrats ×ÏÇÏÎÙ descended from the classic illustrations of Dickens. Sperm whale and a pot of geraniums. And finally, «Guide to the Galaxy» with the words «Do not panic!» Cover.

Here it is necessary to address these and come to the cinema and usevshis around in uncomfortable chair when around relentlessly extinguished light: do not panic. The word «Galaxy» is not always rhymes with the word «dzheday», sometimes it is populated by Stephen Frayami and «Monty Paytonom». If you like Adams, you'll chuckle every minute, knowing that forty-two. If you have not read it, you'll soon find that forty-two - and with this knowledge you can and leave the conversation, if absolutely unbearable. Try to relax, and weak (not counting the magic Malkovicha and insane Rokuella) actors will be completely in place, and you'll see how they pyanenkie and happy, make a way for the universe, natykayas on sharp corners. This, if you want another movie from the charming and unnecessary projects tusuyuschihsya on the margins of mainstream. Like «Burnt by the sea» Uesa Anderson.

movie that forty-two.

They seem to you prohodnymi and not very smart? They collect little money? They do not distract you from your deep depression? You just have not been able to hike to the cinema to ask ourselves the right question. Think of it, and «Avtostopom by Galaxy» will be a revelation for you. Do not get - just go to the cinema, to develop. Look at the special effects in the end. What else we androidam paranoid, take a summer evening amidst a brutal and vicious the universe?

Earth will be destroyed on 9 June in all cinemas in Russia.

Xenia Christmas

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