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In Sochi open international economic forum "Kuban-2004".
23 thousand people visited the car forum in Krasnodar.
Russian edition of Forbes magazine published the list of 100 richest businessmen of Russia.
В«Previously wrote the music for the people, and now for the show-businessВ».
Preparing for anal sex: tips pornstars.
Fisting: technique, posture, and other useful tips.
In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
Rostov opposition tried to open the veins during the arrest.
Under Gazprom's reeled pipe.
Krasnodar "choke" without the 2018 World Cup.
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In Voronezh, looking for the owner exploded fireworks warehouse.

The explosion killed one person and 55 - were injured.

yesterday in the center of Voronezh exploded fireworks warehouse. Above the town arose blast fungus, and neighbors "" Omega "houses were seriously damaged. The explosion destroyed a warehouse, scattered bricks and fittings and a half kilometers. The whole yard was strewn with pieces of firecrackers and fireworks on the cardboard sleeves. Within a radius of 500 meters from the explosion in the houses there was not a whole window.

According to the MOE, one person was killed, 55 injured by shrapnel, of whom 19 were hospitalized.

Killed 48-year-old Major Konstantin Grachev, a veteran of the military unit located near the site of the explosion. He was killed with a piece of concrete. The blast wave knocked out windows in neighboring five-story buildings, two nine-storey houses and in two military units. Damaged 18 cars parked at a closed military unit. Five-story buildings declared temporarily unfit for habitation, it cut off gas, water and electricity, and residents were accommodated in hotels and tourist center. The mayor of Voronezh Sergey Koliuh promised to repair the house for the contingency fund.

Office of Emergency in the Voronezh region declared that the cause of the explosion and fire could be a violation of the rules governing the storage of explosives.

already detained a top manager of the firm, which was in the building exploded with fireworks warehouse at the start of the fire. Director of "Omega" by Roman Chepelyanova Voronezh police can not find. Governor Aleksei Gordeev stated that none of the perpetrators of the explosion, none of the officials give permission to store explosives in the city, not escape responsibility. Prosecutors Voronezh start checking all the organizations involved in storing or selling fireworks.

According to the staff of the firm "Omega", an explosion occurred in a shed belonging to a military unit located nearby.

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