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«Objects that we vozvodim require a new approach to the construction».

Building Concern «Pokrovskii», Rostov appeared on the market just over a year ago, today is the building of several major projects - the elite residential complexes and business centers.

The total amount claimed projects is impressive - more than 100 thousand square meters. m (for comparison: the total area of housing plan for 2005 - 1200 sq. m). N correspondent talked with the general manager of the group «Pokrovskii» Andrei Korovayko about the company and its activities in the Rostov market.

N: - Who are the owners of the company?

AK: - As a founding serves a number of individuals, as well as Moscow's financial and business institutions: one of the largest Russian banks - National Bank «Trust» (former « Menatep SPb ») and the financial and construction group« EvroStroyKompleks ». In addition, our partner is well-known Serbian company PRASA, in collaboration with which built all of our major targets. In the current organizational and legal form of concern, there is a second year. We were present at the Rostov market in the past, but the main activity was not the construction and investment. The group acquired the promising areas, and brought to the construction contractors. One of these projects have become homes for the crossing street. Pushkin and trans. Halturinskogo. They have already been completed - cast-frame 10-storey building and a brick house in the depths of the quarter.

N: - Why did you decide to engage in actual construction?

AK: - Projects that we vozvodim require a new approach to construction. In Rostov, for example, there is little technology that allows to build 23-storeyed house, and PRASA not inadvertently become a partner: the company is the technology of frame-cast construction, a lot of experience building high-rise buildings. The Serbs are building very quickly and accurately. Four floors in the month - so quickly in Rostov not built one. They were building facilities in many countries around the world, and in the Rostov came two years ago under a contract to build an office building for the South-Western Savings Bank. Tech, which was brought to perform these works, just moved to our site.

N: - «Rostov City» is well known. What other projects do you make?

AK: - «Rostov City» - this is our flagship site. Now there are erected two shestnadtsatietazhnyh frame monolithic home. In the coming days, we are beginning to fill pit and build another two 23-storey candles (all of them will be four). Since autumn 2005, the corporation planned construction of Class A office center on the Avenue Budennovsky, 34-40, an area of 7 thousand square meters. m. Also, we are starting to build luxury shopping and business center on the Grand Park, the site of a former cinema «Pervomaysky» (6-7 floors, 6 sq. m). Construction will be financed from its own resources, without the credits, and must be paid back within 4-5 years from the proceeds of the lease (offices will not be displayed for sale). A similar approach, we intend to implement in the construction of 17-storey business center in the Class A complex «Rostov City» (12 thousand square meters. M). Business Center at Park are to be delivered in autumn 2006, «Rostov City» - even in a year. We are also beginning to build an elite housing within the boundaries of the quarter Pushkinskaya - Halturinsky - Brother - Gorky. Here, by the autumn of next year will be delivered two frame-monolithic building class premium (16 and 12 floors) - a residential complex «Pushkin». Score in the territory we planned to build 5 houses. This immediate plans for which have already completed the design stage and under construction. To date, we have sufficient financial and technical base to allow work on the design and construction in Rostov-on-Don apartment complex and non-residential area of more than 100 thousand square meters. m.

N: - How do you manage to get a spot in the construction of interesting places: they certainly claim many firms?

AK: - we got an absolutely market way. For example, for an area where we construct «Rostov-City», the struggle was tough, but we managed to negotiate with the owner of the site - Mechanical Plant number 5. The plant to be transferred from the central industrial city, but did not have the necessary funds. The government regularly gave them provisions for the relocation of production. We had to buy this company and for the money to implement the shift in industrial production. This required a significant cost. It was transported more than 200 machines. For transportation, dismantling and installation took about six months. Today the plant is saved, it operates at a new location. We went at it and eventually got custody in a very advantageous location.

N: - Some time ago, a residential complex «Rostov City» actively promote the construction corporation «VANT». Between your company have a relationship?

AK: - Legal parentage is no, we are not affiliated, does not support the co-sponsors, we «VANT» - Two independent player in the construction market. «Pokrovskii» - the owner of the land on which the complex is built, we have made all the investments in infrastructure, relocation, demolition, transport companies. «VANT» as a partner and the contractor was originally built the house above. Given their experience and advanced distribution network, we entrust them with the implementation of built our area.

After obtaining a license for the construction company «Pokrovskii» assumed all the functions of the developer and general contractor. However, we continue to mutually beneficial cooperation with the SC «VANT» on individual objects, where she serves as co-investors.

N: - what you were doing before appeared «Pokrovskii»?

AK: - I have a legal background: In 1995, I finished yurfak RMT, and then engaged in private business (mainly investments in real estate). In parallel, a professor at RINHe - I have 8 years of teaching experience. In 2000, defended his thesis at Moscow's University. Lomonosova. From 2001 till 2004, worked in polpredstve YUFO office of federal inspectors, then the chief adviser. In 2004 I left the civil service and decided to come back in the business environment - to link the fate of business investment and construction sectors. Apparently, this is my true vocation.

N: - Is there any connection between the built in Kirov park Pokrovskim temple, and the concern «Pokrovskii»?

AK: - Of course. We are in close proximity to and actively participate in the reconstruction of the historical and cultural sites. The choice of names is due to just that.

N: - What is your assessment of the local market construction and real estate in the context of their plans?

AK: - Previously, the most profitable operations were buying a primary property, resettlement and the formation of sites for future construction.

New Housing Code actually reduces the efficiency of the business to zero: now otselit housing, referring to the municipal needs, it is very difficult. The new code adopted by the procedure of making such a decision: it must be registered in the establishment of justice, citizens should be alert for a year before the relocation, needs to be truly community, ie, building schools, hospitals, roads, etc.

now the market price of land in Rostov reached its historic peak, and the money is very difficult.

future - for those companies that offer new technologies and the construction will be able to build a good conversation from the acquisition of the buildings to house and its further exploitation.

With regard to the business of real estate, built in Rostov, the market business centers is booming. The shortage of quality office is great, but there is no doubt that this market will be close to saturation, if all the projects that are now in work, in the next 2-3 years will be brought to an end. Therefore, our strategy - to build a small, elite business centers, selecting for the best sites in the central part of the city. Among our projects there is no one area exceeding 10-12 sq. m.

But with regard to high-end housing, I would not hurry for similar assessments. For the foreseeable future, it will be enough demand for high volumes.

Interviewed Andrew Chernov

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