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Football: amateur league. The tragedy of the last minute.

«Dagdizel» - «Dinamo Stavropol» - 2:0.

On that pass without loss Daghestani team this season is difficult, experts say football a long time. Such is the specificity of the amateur leagues that even outsiders known in his field can make a sensation. A «Dagdizel» this year is a strong team, well organized, staffed masterovitymi players. But much of fight in dagestantsam not hold. First it has experienced the eve «Elista», but it is now the turn «Dinamo Stavropol».

We can not say that owners have an unquestionable advantage, although the ball possession more often. But most of all, the match was held between the penalty area.

and Dynamo have, at least, not less scoring opportunities than kaspiytsy. A guest brought a lack of concentration in the last minutes of the game.

When the whistle for the break to leave for almost a minute and seemed to be the guests will be able to keep their gates to the integrity, «Dagdizel» held, in general, not very clear attack, but M. Murtala had completed its precise blow .

And after a break on the field was quite equal to the struggle. However, the 89 th minute strike M. Gafurov dinamovtsev caught unawares. So with an equal game to get an impressive account in favor of the owners of the fields, which, although still in fifth place, but lost points have already outstripped «Dinamo Stavropol» and sharing it with the leadership «Elista», winning «Anzhi-Khazar» with the score 5: 2.

remaining matches of the tour ended well: «Tagmet» - «Volgar-Gazprom-2» - 3:2, «Azov» - «Ulan Zalat» - 1:2, «Angusht-2» - «Beslan BMK-»- 1:3,« Terek-2 »-« Novorossisk »- 0:3,« Mozdok »-« Alternative »- 0:1,« Spartak-2 »-« Vladikavkaz »- 2:1,« Kavkaztransgaz -2005 »-« Kavkazkabel »- 1:0.

Two successive rounds will be held on 7 and 9 June, but «Dinamo Stavropol» is not involved. The closest match Dynamo hold in his field on June 14 against the «Kavkazkabelya».

Valery Manin

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