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Russia is waiting for "Big Brother".

"Big Brother is watching you" - under the slogan on the TV TNT starts the most famous in the world of reality shows.

Before the remaining two days, and is still too early to judge how successful will be the Russian version of the project.

main idea and key characters - Big Brother - teleproekt antiutopii borrowed from George Orwell's "1984." "If you withdraw on" 1984 "movie, the same awful, like the novel, the world would be immune from the threat of communism to the nearest thousand years," - Winston Churchill argued. Producer of the project John de Mol has decided not to make a film, and tried to recreate the living conditions of life in a totalitarian regime of Orwell - a regime under the Rules of War - is the world. Freedom - it is slavery. Unawareness - force "in which everyone is forced to survive in a day mirke, isolated from the rest of the world, vsevidyaschim under the eye of Big Brother.

appeared in 2001 in the broadcast TV-6 program "Behind the Glass," which is considered to be the first local reality show, then began to compare with the "big brother" and even accused The founders of the project of plagiarism.

Guide TV-6 has denied the charges, calling the "Behind the Glass' own design, which is based on Orwell's novel is not, as antiutopiya Yevgeny Zamyatin" We ", the heroes who lived in glass houses.

Big Brother house is located in the north of Moscow, on the territory of one of the factories. Factory equipment is already taken, instead, on an emergency mode, installed hardware, facilities and personnel for a television set - the so-called closure, where during 95 days of the new members will live show, subject to the will of Big Brother.

domestic surveillance cameras everywhere - in the hall, men's and women's bedrooms, dining room, pantry, cell, room revelations, and even in the shower (the same toilet ). There is a fitness corner like "locked up", so popular in American prisons and reality shows, but the sport for the participants to be earned.

Withdrawal from an enclosed space is possible if a player leaves the project - initiated by partners, competitors and the audience, on their own initiative, as well as from for the regular violation of the rules or because of winning the main prize - 10 million rubles.

Chief Law game is easy to remember: "Big Brother is always right." It sets the rules of the game, and nobody has the right to change them. Simple and comfortable lives of 16 project participants (the competition was over 2, 000 candidates for the seat) is not promising. They will be absolutely no connection with the outside world. The founders of the project arrange a small courtyard, to split the beds there, settle chickens, pigs and occasionally let go of players. Under the ban in the house of calendars, clocks, paper and writing materials. In addition, the organizers do not take anything with them, in their view, unnecessary: toothpaste, face cream, aftershave lotion, shampoo - of these items need to choose something one. By the way, the hot water in the shower is only hour a day, and laundry is done manually.

Food will be exactly as much as not to allow players to lose their vitality. The meat, books, soap, cigarettes and other "luxury" you need to earn money doing the job Big Brother. For example, players may be asked vycherpat alone in a bath filled with a spoon or toothbrush podmesti floor of the house.

Every day each player is obliged to ispovedovatsya before Big Brother, talking about their feelings and experiences in the room confessions - a private sound room with folding chairs and built-in level Eye camera. It also calls each of two nominees for the expulsion of the project, justifying their choices. As a result, every week, someone takes one of the pair "antigeroev" - a choice of viewers.

In Russia, "Big Brother" show is not the first attempt. In early 2001, negotiations on the purchase of licenses for the production of this show had the NTV television channel, and even built in Moscow's Sokolniki shooting pavilion. License eventually bought, but did it the first channel. When the TV-6 came the show "Behind the Glass" is very similar to "Big Brother", the leadership had to change plans: following the already snimayuschimsya "last hero" began to turn away from "Star Factory".

right to produce the Russian version of "Big Brother" channel TNT acquired in 2004, when the term of the license of Channel One is already finished, and TNT has had to work with a new genre in the "House," "Hunger" and "12 negrityat. According to the director of TNT Roman Petrenko, a license for the channel had to put several million dollars. A significant portion of the amount of TNT would be able to return, earning at spectators SMS-messages. For viewers "Big Brother" has a number of fee-based services: a vote for the players, the game-totalizator "Call and predskazhi" and the like.

to interest experienced domestic audience, the Russian "big brother" to make compared to foreign analogs, more stringent, but in accordance with the foundations of the format.

Before the start of the Russian version of "Bolshoga brother Dni.Ru contacted the party to the two most popular reality show" Star Factory "and" The Last Hero "Misha Grebenshikov and asked him what he thought of such projects in general and the "Big Brother" in particular.

"Real TV - is, first of all, to all the change - said Misha. - It makes sense to participate if you want to change his life. I want to become a party to such a project, because it's new sensation: the camera there, and in general cleansing of the body comes to reality shows. relationship with people - this test is the number one. I am in my life has been a lot of companies: a school, college, Army Radio - in general, all of society. And, of course, "The Last Hero" has shown that to build relationships with people - it is very difficult. "

In England, is now in its sixth season of "Big Brother", it was 3 seasons with celebrities. If you offered to take part in such a project, you would agree?

- I do not know, you should see ...

And you will watch "Big Brother"?

- why not ... "House-2" for example, I watched. In this show, I would not become involved. Psychologically it was too hard. Although it all depends on the people of the situation. But all the same for such shows as "House" would have preferred to watch. According to the "Big Brother" I can not say anything, you first see it.

In many countries, "Big Brother" has already endured several telesezonov. Each year, one version of the show appeared new plot moves. For example, in the Australian version of "Big Brother" for the first time together locked celebrities, then in the UK has "Adolescence Big Brother."

Now actress Gvinet Peltrou, nasmotrevshayasya "Big Brother" at the time due to the birth of daughter's sabbatical, podbivaet Steven Spielberg to withdraw after a TV film.

leading "Big Brother" in Russia, are known to be a famous actress Ingeborga Dapkunayte.

In anticipation of the start of the project actress talked with the news. " "I'm not associated themselves with the show - said Dapkunayte - this was something completely alien. It is a huge project, but it is always interesting to be part of a big event." Brother ", TNT and Dapkunayte: perhaps, that we will make it interesting. Participants in the project will be three months in an enclosed space. There are associations with Oruellom with Zamyatinym - this is a very interesting experiment. And on the other hand, we can say that this is just entertainment and nothing more. I find it interesting, like all things new. I never did the first time agreed to reality shows. Show will run for three months, and I will be obliged to attend the show every week in all circumstances. "

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