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Capricious cloud.

Tian bian yi duo yun.

China-France-Taiwan, 2005, 114 min.


Director: Cai Min Lian

Produced by: Vincent Wang, Bruno Pezeri

Script: Cai Min Lian

Camera: Liao Pen-Yun

Cast: Lee Kang-Shen, Chen Shian-Chui, Lu I-Chin, Kuey Yang-Mei, Sumomo Yodzakura, Xiao-Wei Huang, Lin Huey-Syun, Zhao Guo-Xuan, Hong Shu -Mei, David Yang, Wu-Wen Huang, Yu-Wei Chan, Chow Xin-Yu, Huang Li-Xing, Su Tien-Fu Chen Jin-Lian, E Bi-Li


In an era of severe water television programs are taught various methods of saving and call instead of water to drink arbuzny juice. However, when it is necessary to get the water, everyone finds his solution to this problem. Shian-Chui selects empty bottles and fills them with water, stolen in public toilets, and Xiao-Kang, who works actor pornofilmov night climbs on the roof and washing water, which is going there in the tank. In these circumstances, it is difficult to survive, but even more difficult to make alone. Once Shian-Chui is watermelon, and then meets Xiao-Kahn in the park. She remembers that once he bought a watch. Since then, she has not seen and has no notion of what he does in the house where she lives. They vlyublyayutsya each other ...


premiered in Taiwan - 18 March 2005.

premiere in Russia - June 2, 2005.

premiered in France - 14 September 2005.

Festival premiere - Berlin (16 February 2005).

Originally Cai Min-Lian going to tell the history of the grandmother, who learns that her grandson is working in the pornography business. On the role of the grandmother he wanted to invite the director Ann Yi, however, revealed that she will not be able to play in the film. Then the main character of the grandmother turned to the girl, and Chen Shian-Chui plays a heroine who clicked from the previous movie Cai Min-lyanya В«there hour?В» (2001).

hint at the movie В«there hour?В» serves only one phrase that during the film makes a heroine: В«You are still sell watches?В». In general, the film has no dialogue.

image В«capricious cloudsВ» came from songs Bai Guang В«Wind on the edge of the skyВ» (composers - Stanley R. Lebovski and Herbert Newman).

Director of the song: В«When I first heard this song, the words were different:" ... Broken Heart, a single person. Who will comfort this broken heart? I silently look at heaven ... " At that time, I have learned in elementary school, but still remember the first line of the song. It was a translation of an English song called "Wind on the edge of the sky." At the time, were in vogue kovboyskie films, and many popular Chinese songs were taken from vesternov. Bai Guang, a famous singer of that era, also sang a different version of the song. This option, which she sang. In 1999, I went from Taipei to Kuala Lumpur to prepare for work on a film about foreign workers, who I was going to shoot. I have many years was not in his home town in Malaysia, and the return natolknula my story about the life skitaltsa, which I did. I immediately came to a head and a name for this story - "The cloud on the edge of the sky" В».

director of the film: В«Beautiful Body. Ugly body. Body with soft skin. The bodies, covered with wrinkles. Precious body. Cheap body. The bodies, which can be raped. The bodies, which can be sold. Whether the body of a capacity than it could have been filled? Water, food, love, money, sex. And wish all the other people. Why does the human body continually skitaetsya and travel? Why does it stop? Can a person to stay for another person at least for a moment? One body. A lot of dreams. The body, connected to other bodies. Like the two clouds, which are met, then prolilis rain, moisten the earth В».

director of the film: В«Kitchevy shine music scene is a striking contrast c reality, which is depicted in the sex scenesВ».

After winning film at the Berlin International Film Festival ( В«Silver BearВ», FIPRESSI and prize them. Alfred Bauer) Cai Min Lian returned home and found out that his film are going to be published in rolled in kupirovannom form. Despite a number of Taiwanese strict laws prohibiting the display of movie theaters with explicit scenes, the director refused to publish the picture on the screen in incomplete form.



Silver Bear - Cai Min Lian

FIPRESSI - Cai Min Lian

Alfred Bauer Prize - Cai Min Lian

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