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Stavropol presents at a forum in Sochi on 14 investment projects.

The "Grand Spa Yutsa, Novopyatigorskoe Lake, recreational complexes, and the steppe ecological park, without the attention of investors will not go.

Stavropol region will present at the VIII International Investment Forum "Sochi-2009, 14 investment projects amounting to some 77.25 billion rubles.

The largest of them - the project "Grand Spa Yutsa, Novopyatigorskoe Lake, recreational complexes on the slopes of Mount Mashuk and steppe ecological park.

The "Grand Spa Yutsa" provides for the construction in the Caucasian Mineral Waters tourist complex, providing for recreation, treatment and rehabilitation in the spa, as well as a variety of sports classes (investments - 27.7 billion rubles). Project Novopyatigorskoe Lake provides for the construction of Piatigorsk sports complex that includes recreational area with the creation of theme park, sporting and recreational structures (investments - 3.6 billion rubles). Also, the forum will be presented projects of construction of the multi-sanatoria in the south-eastern slope of Mount Mashuk and Tourist Complex "Sanaa" on the western slope of Mount Mashuk. As part of the investment project for development of ecological tourism, worth some 1.5 billion rubles in Apanasenkovskom district plans to create an open environment for tourists Steppe Park Manych-Gudilo.

In addition, the investment forum will be presented to the creation of a draft environmental othodopererabatyvayuschih sets in Budyonnovsk, George, Izobilnenskom Shpakovsky areas and edges, in Nevinnomyssk, as well as in the Caucasian Mineral Waters (investments - 3.6 billion rubles) . In the Stavropol region to look at the alleged road network development projects. For example, a direct route from Kislovodsk to the North Slope Elbrus enable residents to enjoy the edge of ski resorts in 9 months of the year. The route length of 74 kilometers will be built jointly by the Stavropol and Kabardino-Balkaria. Reaching from Kislovodsk to Elbrus can be just one hour.

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