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Online Conference chapter Stavropol Dmitri Kuzmin.

For urban and land use.

Hello, dear friends!

I am pleased to welcome all those who joined in our conversation about the construction and land in Stavropol. Today, we first conduct Internet conference. The choice of theme for the start of our interaction is not random. Questions about urban planning and land use on private receptions and in the letters, I asked more frequently than others. I hope that such communication will become permanent and will be popular, as citizens, as well as the guests of our hospitable Stavropol.

Question from: Denis Pirogov It will develop engineering infrastructure 530 th and 373rd Stavropol city neighborhoods?

Answer: 530 second quarter began individual houses built since 1992. Over the years, at the expense of the developers of the quarter met electricity, gas pipelines are built medium-and low-pressure gas and manufactured houses. Of the 1.5 million spent on its construction, 580 thousand rubles allocated to the City of Stavropol. The list of co-construction engineering services for the quarter ending adjustments detailed project planning. At its conclusion will be made to the calculation of equity participation of developers in the development setey.Chto concerns 373rd quarter, a single customer for the design and construction of main utilities quarter of a JSC «Stavropolproektstroy». Also, Urban Development Committee of the city administration a list of co-participation in the construction of engineering networks. Funding for design and construction of networks will be implemented through non-profit organization «the Development Fund for utilities Stavropol»

Question from: Alexander Bogdanov Hello, Will the city of Stavropol built supermarket. Thank in advance for your reply.

Answer: To date, received two proposals - from «Mega» and the group of companies under the famous brand «Metro». Their proposal is a request for allocation of 15 hectares in the area of our transportation links. These companies are willing to provide the buyer supplies the need for greater range and lower prices. We agreed that the two companies by the end of the city must prepare a business plan, the plan must include the development of transport infrastructure of our city. In early 2006, we will take the decision to hold an open auction. I believe that our city needs such hypermarkets. We will welcome the major investors. Today, in an area 45 parallel streets are already built a large supermarket. According to plans, the owner, handing it provides in the first half of 2006. Also in the area of furniture factory proposed construction of a large shop selling building materials. Now the project is the harmonization of documentation. He promised to build within 1,5 - 2 years.

question of: Olga Smirnenko Will build a residential home for young people?

Answer: Yes, we are planning a building. Already reserved area for the construction of multistory apartment house built premises to accommodate hairdresser, laundry facilities and other institutions to facilitate the everyday concerns of young families. It will be located in 373 cities quarter.

question of: Natalia Gubenko [Date of birth: 1953] Even in the heart of the city there are such buildings, which, to put it mildly, does not adorn his face. They are constructed entirely legitimate, but it is necessary to correct such errors. Do you have any experience? Sincerely, Gubenko

Answer: As I said, he built the city of Stavropol plan was approved in 1968. Naturally, over the past period, was born and grew up is no longer a generation of citizens. The population has grown almost by half. In addition, changed the standards for construction, the requirements for the architecture in general. Today, the city administration came to the need for a new general plan of building the city, taking into account all these changes. In addition, the population will grow further, respectively, will continue to grow and the number of transport, will need more recreation facilities, schools, kindergartens and hospitals. The cost of the development master plan for the city of Stavropol estimated at about 40 million rubles. The budget for the city of Stavropol in 2005 that money is not built. But I hope that in 2006 we will be closely to address this issue, and within a year or two will adopt a new master plan for the city of Stavropol.

question of: Natalia Morozova, plans to build day care centers and schools in the newly built-up areas?

Answer: I can say that in the new building blocks set aside land for the construction of schools and kindergartens. And in the construction of homes in new areas is possible placement on the ground floor malokomplektnyh private kindergartens, with a view to address the issue of funding and a treaty of sharing with the developer under proektirovaniya.Vopros placing malokomplektnyh private kindergartens in the housing construction is already under consideration by the committee of Urban Development Stavropol city administration.

Question from: Alexander Semenov [Date of birth: 1973] We are sure whether you are in that sale of land in the property will open new prospects for investors, which forecasts and fears Sincerely, Alexander

Answer: It is the entry into force of the new urban code and the budget code, which include acquisition of land only on a competitive basis, through public auctions. Whether private houses, apartment building or other facility for housing. In my opinion, the procedure for granting land to make the process more transparent, and will significantly add the city budget. Also today, the land under the buildings are actually owned, along with the structure, but legally - it is in use. Since October 01, will be legally enshrined the actual situation.

Question from: Alexander Prizov have been with us in large unrealized construction projects?

Answer: Sure. It is not always get what they meant for the project. For example, a water park on the corner of 45 th parallel and Dovatortsev. Originally planned an ambitious project: the largest water park in southern Russia. But unfortunately, in the design and construction of our customers have come to the conclusion that such a large water park itself does not pay. As a result, received a small water park, a two-thirds allocated territories occupied huge stores.

question of: Pavlova EV Dear Dmitry! What steps are being taken to control the security and public order in the city of Stavropol, in the streets, in parks, markets, places of rest of the townspeople. In recent times, it seems that these measures need to be seriously strengthened. Thank you.

Answer: This year, the Stavropol City Duma has approved a program «Safe Stavropol», which developed the City of Stavropol. There are a number of measures to enhance security in schools, kindergartens, clinics, hospitals. One of the paragraphs of this program was the creation MUOP «Center», so that we had a unified security structure under the control of the city. Unfortunately, today the current legislation does not permit the municipal authorities to manage the law enforcement agencies. But now the Russian Government made changes to several laws, including the Law «On the police». The understanding that we are building a vertical power, and it should not be only at the executive level, there is.

question of: Konstantin Narozhnyi There are projects to build «skyscrapers» in Stavropol?

Answer: Such projects yet. A customer at «skyscrapers» »: wanted to put a set of buildings of 25-30 floors of the Nevinnomysska to immediately at the entrance to create the first strong impression of the city. As such, a picturesque view of New York from the water, which creates «skyscrapers» megapolisa.V Stavropol that tall buildings could saktsentirovat attention to themselves and to close the typical buildings in the vicinity of the street 45 th parallel. But the project went very expensive, because after the first 16 floors would have to go to expensive technology building. But those houses in the 12-16 floors, which are in our city - I think, have a good idea to Stavropol.

Question from: Vladislav V. Sergeyev [Address: Stavropol, Pl. Lenin 3] [Date of birth: 01.09.1977] When in Stavropol appear normal roads and sidewalks? What is the reason for the current state of their plight?

Answer: So far - it is a problem of systematic under-repair and bring into line the roads and sidewalks, not only our city but also throughout the country. The point is that all the funds and centralized in the Russian Federation. At the same time, in accordance with a five-year plan, we are increasing annually by 20% in the city budget allocations for repairs and construction of roads. This year brought the weather. The temperature was established a month later. And road services have been forced to work in emergency mode.

question of: Yefim Kuts [E-Mail:] Dmitry! When the master plan will Stavropol city, it is no secret that the city authorities to the criticism often sounds relatively chaotic building the regional center, which is conducted over the past few years?

Answer: The master plan the city of Stavropol was developed in the project institute «Giprogor» in 1968. And in 1998, the Stavropol City Council on the basis of existing genplana approved a feasibility study for development genplana the city until 2010. In connection with the change of boundaries of the city area of the municipality increased. But to develop a new master plan for the city (with the inclusion of the village Demin, airport, etc.) should be about 30 million rubles, while in the city budget for 2005, this amount is not available. Through grants from the regional budget (400 rubles), completed work on updating the draft detailed planning (spatial planning document), the Central district. With the city budget (1 million) in adjustments to the master plan the city ordered scheme of functional zoning, land use regulations, the rules of land use and development in the central area of the city, which corresponds to Urban Planning Code of Russian Federation. It also announced a tender for the project works on the development of such documentation in the south-western territory.

Unfortunately, the time of the conference came to an end. I thank all participants in today's conference. Those of you who did not manage to get the answers today, be sure to get them to the specified address. All questions will be addressed by me personally and to stay on my control. I hope to see you the participants of our next web conference. Watch for announcements in the media about the date and time of their conduct.

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