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В«Previously wrote the music for the people, and now for the show-businessВ».
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In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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Ubik. Relacionados Related word perfection. TimeZero schizophrenic parable writer Phillip Dick weakly tied to the concept of the art group. Initially, the choice of names was based on a conscious desire to stand out from the total mass of the cultural characters of the city.

innovation, Humanism, an eclectic POLIZHANROVOST - policy provisions of the activities of the art group. Our place - aside from the commercial mainstream of formal and technological experiments. One of our first releases cluster called ubiq intelligent. This is a good definition of our cultural aspirations.

Ubik - this otherness and style.


1998 - art-education groups Ubik: the creation of de-ÄÖÅÊÓËÏÇÏ duo (Matveenko A. and P. Shatilov) - to open a series of events "Eklektika" club "Duncan."

1999 - the first in Rostov-on-Don festival of alternative electronic music "DARQUBIQ" - a book of Rostov electronic projects UBIK intelligent "- the first club performance, which opened a new scope of the art group.

2000 - Issue mix "UBIK-big-beat", ×ËÌÀÞÉ×ÛÅÇÏ tracks projects Label - UBIK to start the radio station "Mirage".

2001 - began work at the club "FASHIONCAFE" - edition of the track "a boy or a girl" UBIK project consisting of a collection ELKAELKA (Snegiri)

2002 - Transfer of the radio station at UBIK Dvidjenie - a multizhanrovoy art parties "HARMSIADA" on the creation of Daniel Harms - publication tracks projects VELVET; PCB and HET TRIK comprising collections "Tell Tchaikovsky news" of the fifth and sixth, the legendary label Exotics

2003 - the creation of a cover version of a song on The Beatles "Strawberry fields forever"

specifically for the project EXOTICA versus The Beatles, and publishing it on the same disk.

- the resumption of a series of events "Eklektika" within the walls of the club "Cuba Libre".

- publication tracks projects UBIK vs MUSEUM WF; CPA Terme and Cuthbert, composed of regular news bulletins to Tchaikovsky.

- the first live concert UBIK, as well as the other side-projects Cuthbert and HET tricot.

-10 December 2003 Out Collection "five-year plan", which included songs of all projects label Ubik.

a team member

The members of art group UBIK includes several musical projects:


Lazarev Anton - guitar;

Matveenko Alex - vocals, guitar, vocals;

Ponomarenko Natalia - vocals, backing vocals;

Shatilov Peter - computer keyboards.

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