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"Caste" listens "Fruit kefir.

Rostov team title with a delicious "Fruit kefir" is "try."

Its ingredients are: jazz, punk, alternative, funk, hardcore and intimate texts (for example, about the toy dog, which has broken spring). The emergence of this group on the club grounds, once again proves that no "caste" a single live Rostov. This and many other things we talked with the leader of "FC" Alexei Busurinym.

Lech, I have the word "Rostov" why is there an association with "caste" ...

Well, this is nothing terrible, because in Rostov "caste" in terms of recognition is not the last people. For example, with Jamil, I studied at one school. And Vladi do our very good friend, because his brother Stas, with whom we have learned in one Rostov school of arts, often comes to our concerts. We also try not to miss their performances.

Can you describe your own music?

Although many talk about our direction in music, as soft and clear, I can say in what style we play. For example, the debut album are jazz-punk, funk and rock, and there grandzhika little bit, and hardcore. I do not like, though the last word, because once in a Rostov newspaper wrote: "A young team wants to take a no-niche occupied by not hardcore." When we read it, laughed a long time. But in general, all these concepts are not for me. I do what I like.

A is something that you listen to?

quite different music. Most of all, I do not like dishonest music you composed for something. Incidentally, this is not necessarily pop. In fact, there are pop songs that you want do not want, and remember. They are honest. And when the song was written just to have it on the radio, when it became popular only because it was 150 thousand times - it zombirovanie. All honesty with voids.

in your opinion, it is better to do, like "5` nizza ", giving two or three concerts a month, or as" õÍÁÔÕÒÍÁÎ, which manages to light up wherever they can ?

I, frankly, not very happy when the "5` nizza "compared to" õÍÁÔÕÒÍÁÎ. I believe that each has its own way. And for those and other different fish. As for me, I do not brezguyu nor television nor radio. The main thing is that my music sounded in the right context, then at least at the first channel in the "Golden Gramophone" show. Kochevryazhitsya just will not. Sam, the truth, I almost do not watch telly. It is my broken and repair it, I do not want to.

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