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Fighting for the municipal authorities in pilot province.

The State Duma of Stavropol region to discuss a package of bills to reform local government.

Today, July 15, deputies began a second reading, a day before in a number of regional media representatives В«United RussiaВ» opposed most initiatives Governor SK Alexander Chernogorova made rassmatirivaemye documents.

В«EdinorossovВ» are not adopted by the executive version of the formation of the representative bodies of local self-government in the areas of: not through direct elections, a delegation (two already elected MPs plus the head of each municipality ).

As a result, the head of the administration of the local Duma should be based on the competition to hire under the contract, again without any elections.

According to В«edinorossovВ» citizens are thus deprived of their right of democratic choice and opportunity to present their party candidates.

representatives of В«United RussiaВ» hinted that this option is advantageous for the current governor, to keep at the helm of В«theirВ», in other words, do not lose the administrative resources for the upcoming 2005 elections Head of the region.

In turn, the regional leadership of objects: the combination of an election year the governor and members of municipal councils in areas where refuse from the delegation, too rolled to the Budget exercise. In addition, it is expected that areas will be at the helm of professional managers, economic planner, referring to a modern, managers, which in the event of failure of their duties at all, you can terminate the contract, not suffering until re.

These conflicting views on the principles of the local authorities have strictly in the discussion of a package of bills in the regional Duma.

As a result, the package was adopted. But with the principle amendment: municipalities received the right to decide which of the options they love - or the direct election of the delegation.

discussion will be continued already outside edge of parliament. Of particular vehemence showed a young Stavropol Mayor Dmitry Kuzmin. He convened a press conference at which accused the State Duma and the regional government В«conspiracyВ», as well as В«criminal planВ» deprive Stavropol status В«city fringe valuesВ». Reports of scandalous news conference came in many newspapers and TV that much napugalo and confusing citizens, especially the indigenous population the regional center.

Thus, discussion of the parameters of reform of local government is becoming more and more В«hotВ». Villagers Georgievsk Budenovskogo areas and even staged a picket in front of DG SC, requiring the city to include marginal value (in fact, raytsentry) in the structure of municipal districts. The leaders of representative and executive authorities of these cities, in turn, require the status of certain urban districts - collecting signatures, demonstrating: В«otherwise, they say, it will be worse, but the village is better not to beВ».

In a word, indifferent in the province left. Therefore, reform is needed ...

Nina Chechulina

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