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Federal reform of local self-government at the provincial level, has spawned more questions than clear answers.

Yesterday, the walls of the State Duma of the province, in the В«round tableВ», GDSK Yu Gontar Speaker, MPs, government representatives, public and political organizations, scholars and heads of municipalities looking for ways to implement reforms in the Stavropol Territory.

reform of local government in Russia has been going on for more than a dozen years. The last phase, the ideological inspiration and realizatorom which began D. Kozak, head of В«coreВ» State Commission, raised an edge - to be reform. As a result, the State Duma adopted the Federal Law В«On General Principles of Local Self-Government in the Russian FederationВ», which has become a conundrum for this region because of its provisions require subjects of the Russian Federation to amend its own regulations and adopt new ones.

Act requires that, prior to 1 January 2006 must be established, local authorities in the area.

But how to do it most successfully and organically - in fact it comes to power, which in the short term, not only replace the territorial administration, but also on the ground will determine the economic and social policies.

Chairman of the Committee on GDSK gosstroitelstvu, local governance and the rule of law I. Prokopenko preparing meeting В«round tableВ», admitted that even MPs can not find a clear answer, namely, and therefore requires discussion among all stakeholders.

greater awareness of this issue is the Government of the province. Deputy Chief of Staff KTC Vladimir Goncharov said that Stavropol start to prepare for the upcoming reform zagodya. The region is among the few entities in Russia, which has already been formed in the municipalities of settlements, which have their own budgets, which means it is possible to pass the initial stage with fewer losses.

However, the brighter prospects for reform grow dim slightly against the backdrop of public debate on this issue. Until 2006, the law requires, it is necessary to define the boundaries of municipalities. The State Duma has made the edge of it for 225 out of 290 municipalities. But there are several conflict situations (this relates primarily urban marginal value), В«vyrulitВ» which is not easy. Large cities are В«parquet battlesВ» in the Regional Duma and the government to prove its rights to certain territories in a dispute with smaller municipalities, the satellites.

not enthusiastic of В«government versionВ» provincial law, which must determine the procedure for the formation of representative government at the district level, and a number of political forces. At the forefront of advocates В«United RussiaВ».

reason for the controversy were the provisions of the draft law on which this body is made up of chapters and two deputies of all the municipalities located in the district.

According partiytsev, such a scheme not only deprives citizens recorded in the Constitution the right to direct secret ballot, but also contrary to the federal law under which the convening of the first district representative bodies should be conducted only through a general election. В«In the grievanceВ» and major cities, which will be represented by two deputies, along with smaller cities and towns. В«PodmenyayaВ» election delegation of the rights, believed to parties in government are trying to create a comfortable and most importantly, managed by the new government. The government also project developers say that the legal arguments of opponents of the party could be challenged, and direct elections are needed tens of millions of rubles, which is not, and take them nowhere. Moreover, the edge of the Government intends to have by December this year, to create new bodies at the district level, ahead of the deadline. This means that the adoption of the law should have to wait until the parliamentary recess. His project is already under consideration by the Duma.

prospects for further reform in this fog. The conceptual phase passed, but the practical implementation has been hamstrung.

addition to the issues that are more in the political arena, to be worked out and the scheme of inter-budgetary relations, many financial issues, which turned out to be the most painful.

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