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Family King of pop "has demanded a re-opening.

Michael Jackson led to the horror pathologists - at the time of his death he weighed only 51 kilograms


Family "King of pop" Michael Jackson, who died June 25 in Los Angeles, has demanded a re-opening. The results of the official autopsy showed that Michael brought a heart attack, which led to cardiac arrest. Earlier version of the claim, according to which the singer stopped breathing after the injection of strong pain medication demerola similar on the Effects of morphine.

The body of Michael Jackson's leading pathologists in horror - he was all covered with wounds from the needles and weighed only 51 kilograms.

Numerous traces of the medical needle - this is the effects of addiction to pain medication, which Michael introduced himself 3 times a day for many years. The body of 50-year-old singer also has multiple scars left by at least the 13th plastic surgery. He had several broken ribs as a result of desperate attempts by medics to revive him.

According to the autopsy, pathologists ruled out the option of violent death and cause of death, the king of pop is still a mystery.

Among the suggestions - the death of a heart attack, painkiller overdose, effects of prior plastic surgeries and physical exhaustion. The exact cause of death indicate toxicological examination. Now the body of the singer is in a private mortuary in Los Angeles. Not yet known what will bury the 'King of pop music "- traditional biblical ceremony or according to Muslim custom. Shortly before the death of Michael Jackson convert to Islam.

Jackson has achieved international fame at 11 years, serving as a child vocalist group Jackson 5. In 1969, he signed a contract with record giant Motown Records and became one of the most commercially successful solo artist in history, with a well-known title of "king of pop music." In the 19 awards the singer has Grammy, 13 time, he was raised by his single first line of American sales charts. His name was twice entered into the Hall of Fame rock n 'roll: as a solo artist and the Jackson 5 party.

August 29, 2009 the singer had to mention his 51 th birthday.

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