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The beast does not touch the beast.

Vin Diesel obayatelno holds sickle, killing mug, hiding from the heat and semisotgradusnoy steals someone else's plot lines in the film «Chronicles Riddika».

Do not see this movie if you're John Travolta, Superman, dzheday King Herod or Duke Leto. Otherwise, you withdraw from the hall for regular shouts: «(cut censored)! These (cut censorship) stole my subject line! »Ghosts Film« battleground - the Earth »,« Dune »and« Star Wars »sternly look at director David Tui, and view them no pity. I wanted to make a great fantastic picture - so I do pancake. Well, that does not work - make high-quality, lower plinths, trash. But this go-here we do not need. So say the ghosts and zamahivayutsya to strike.

Do not see this movie, if you decide to conquer the universe. See more «The triumph of the will», they are removed from the same point, but poveselee. If you decide to follow the commander and tips «Chronicles», you immediately vyrezhut censorship. Soldiers-Nekromongery in armor beautiful planet burn to ashes, trogaya not only the main characters, their relatives and fifteen people for a divorce - that was to say: «Put on your knees!» U Nekromongerov no emotion because they are almost dead: preparing for his nekromongerskoy life, they hang long, protknutye special spokes, and as a result of this conversation masochism are either nearly dead, and very strong, then there is very strong and quite dead. This does not prevent the main Nekromongeram continuously relive and fret on all possible occasions - from the nostalgia for the home planet to the desire to conquer the universe. Combat Nekromongerami you can only have a great evil - and they assured us that there is still a great evil is a charming Riddik-nose-potatoes. He is also to fight with anyone and does not want a hollow wants only one thing: to be left alone.

Do not see this movie with women who like Vin Diesel.

They will vyryvatsya and shout, as they have everything inside the cut by censorship, and you will be very ashamed of them.

Especially when Vin Diesel, Solveig our proteinovaya, will zazyvno shine their belmami and iron prison dog, prigovarivaya: «beast beast not touch». And as he plays nozhichkom! And how he keeps sickle - Muhinskoy collective farmer more to learn and learn! And how he responds to the question: «Do you kill me now this mug with the soup?» - «Tea. I will kill you here this mug with a tea ». We thought that we know that such a «sex symbol». We are mistaken.

Do not see this movie with those who are unfamiliar word «Judi Dench». They will be genuinely puzzled about what to do with «èÒÏÎÉËÁ?» old - God's dandelion, through which you can see, and it almost all the time in chains. That's because David Tui childhood reading «Kentervilskoe ghost», and it very much. Even Judi Dench vaguely recalls Shakespeare, but it is coincidence. In fact, it is to persuade Anthony Hopkins and Michael Ulyanova strike in the next part of «Chronicles». «I have shot itself Judi Dench!» - And all, and Hopkins povelsya.

Do not see this movie if you're a physicist, biologist, kosmozoolog or receive at least some education. The scene in which the characters zhivenko run by the band sunrise, hiding from the 700-degree heat in tenechke for kamushkami lead you into a state of such excitement that you withdraw from the floor. The spectacle Vin Diesel, polivayuschego to water, so as not to burn at this heat, long deprive you of sleep.

And, most importantly, do not see this movie if you like «black hole», she «dark», supposedly the first part of «Chronicles» - genius klaustrofobicheskoe film that everybody sees the world differently, and the world that all cases are always beautiful and mercy.

Girl Jack grew up, your boobs otrastila and-on-child of such a trauma, and now all mochit because Riddik its once cast.

Riddik of charming negodyaya turned into an idiot with the in-au-from such a sense of guilt and the idea-fix to save the girl Jack. On screen raspolzlis superfluous characters and well-painted extras. Thousands of pixels neprikayannyh run, fly and explode around Riddika, but he only coquettishly podragivaet left foot. Etyun grand blue. If the poor, but proud to give the director a lot of money and total freedom, it inevitably turns to Sergei Bondarchuk, sgonyaya on the set are inhuman resources universe. And once (cut by censorship) shivaya them with a large scale, but without any drive.

A universe and must be. For, as saying the princess Irulen, the people are in need of serious time and oppression for the physical development of muscles.

times of severe depression and muscle occurs in almost all the cinemas of the city.

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