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Rigid arbuznoe porn.

The rent goes porno musical В«Kapriznoe cloudВ», received В«Silver BearВ» at the Berlin Film Festival.

love - that's what it is: when your beloved leaves in a Paris, you try to move all the clocks in the city of Paris at the time. Then the movie ends, and when that starts in your country - extreme drought, and you have taken at pornofilmah. So life is set up, so has always been: watermelons ever quench thirst, pornofilmy has nothing utolyali, and hours are not always measured the number of minutes, and the degree of depression.

heroine of the film Cai Min Lyanya В«there hour?В» returned from Paris, his suitcase had not opened, the key thrown away. The hero of the film has ceased to sell watches.

The fact that В«Kapriznoe cloudВ» - the continuation of the movie В«there hour?В», is not important.

That is important only to the extent to which it is important to your past life: You can not know what it was you, but if you have something of a recall This sometimes helps. Because of the drought became arbuzny mainly drink the juice, because of the lack of primary emotion was В«o-o-o, o-o-onВ» pornofilmov. The film was shot in the same building where the heroine lives. This is definitely pornography - in the sense of images of genitalia and explicit poses. They say that censors soveschalis two weeks, whether to cut the film, and finally decided to leave as is. (Lie, perhaps: in fact, they are likely just two weeks watching and revise В«Kapriznoe cloudВ», but they did not have two weeks see a lot, and they released the film in the rental.)

The last Berlinale Cai Min Lyanyu gave several awards, including the prize FIPRESSI and В«Silver BearВ» for the scenario with the wording В«for his outstanding contribution to the artВ», although the word В« contribution В»for the porn sounds as ambiguous as theВ« outstanding В».

This is certainly a musical: singing and dancing, to the impossibility of kitchevye, interrupts the action bullied him. That melknet in the dark waters of radiant people amphibian, a member of the boy fall head, the girl snuggle to the statue of the ruler. Music bezzabotnyh fifties and sixties, even the name of the movie is taken from a song.

This is certainly a novel production: character detail and ÎÅËÒÁÓÉ×Ï was in pornofilmah on partners flowing dirty water, the body shlepayut each other. The heroine did not know anything about pornoindustrii and then finds out just too much. The work reflected in the personal life of the hero: After striking, sticky scene in which he trahaet half watermelon, lying between the legs of women, he could not see arbuzny juice. I must say that after this stage, all pornoindustriya must recognize its own failure to glue and boxes.

Or, better still, let them re-sent to the preparatory class of elementary school and determine what did the boys are different from girls.

Three things that are run: water, being a woman. In fact, the director Cai Min Lian - fish, amphibian man from the slippery and prickly body. It is obsessed with water, he could breathe only gills. Give the fish to the camera, and sooner or later it will come to a head lift apocalyptic film about love during a drought. His heroes are silent - and not just because it is ten years, he wrote scripts for television films and now wants to relax. Fish do often, you know, are silent. Cai Min Lian explains nothing, nothing is called, does not make any conclusions. Here is a complete handfuls of emotions, a light breeze - all scattered.

could be a long time to discuss the system of director of artistic images, especially the plot and the general idea of the painting, but В«Kapriznomu cloudВ», as to any other movies, applies Council, which usually write in the column В«PrecautionsВ»: no deal, and not to children. Another warning: please note that images from this film nastigayut in the most unexpected moments.

Not that somewhere in the street suddenly mereschilsya hero, dressed in costume, a member of, surrounded by lovely ladies singing, and even hard arbuzny sex gradually dries up in the memory.

But some things are not released. For pedestrian subway is a woman, she runs toward the other, steps zatihayut. Lather spreading of dirty water. Rice noodles melts and falls under the hot sauce with shrimp. And why do I always think that I write about love, although love is not a word?

Because this is, of course, love.

I mean, when you see how your favorite trahaet beschuvstvennuyu (dead?) pornoaktrisu, this process is taken off the camera, and you look and look and look, I want to say what else it could be, if not love?

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