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At the Red Square military parade was held on the 64 th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War.

On the main square of the country were the front parade almost 9 thousand troops, 112 pieces of military equipment, and in the skies over the capital flew 69 combat aircraft and helicopters.

in Red Square in Moscow May 9 military parade was held on the 64 th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War.

Victory parade consisted of three parts: the passing parade on foot calculations, travel mechanized columns and flying combat air parade group Air Force.

Procession parade calculations opened company drummers. Then 3 znamenny team made the national flag of Russia, and the Banner of Victory Banner of the Armed Forces. After that, on the Red Square proceeded honor of the soldiers, representing 3 species of the Armed Forces. Following behind them were "ceremonial box military universities and academies of the Armed Forces, Civil Protection Academy of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, the Moscow Institute of the border of Russia's FSB, and MVD Internal Troops Battalion Russia. In calculating the passing parade attended the combined military orchestra, composed of thousands of people.

parade of military vehicles opened nine armored Tiger.

By Red Square proceeded to the T-90 tanks, BTR-80, BMP-3 fighting vehicles landing BMD-4 anti-tank guns and self "Sprut" self-propelled howitzers "Msta-M", operational-tactical missile complexes "Iskander-M, multiple-launch rocket systems" Smerch ", man-portable air defense systems" Buk, S-300 "Favorite", "Poplar", and, for the first time, anti-aircraft missile system S-400 Triumph. " In order not to damage the pavement at the capital's roads, all tracked equipment was "Obuchi in the special rubber tread.

finished parade fly over Red Square 69 planes and helicopters of the Air Force.

headed ceremonial building flew three Mi-8 helicopter with the state flag of the Russian Federation, the flag of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense and Air Force flag. Following them in the sky over Red Square flew helicopter MI-26 with two Ka-50 Black Shark ", and two Ka-52 Alligator, three Mi-28" Night Hunter "and six MI-26. In addition, the parade had been presented to the world's largest military transport aircraft An-124 Ruslan aircraft and radar-guided Watch and A-50 strategic bombers Tu-95 Bear and Tu-16 "The Swan." Finished the passage of ceremonial building flying a group of five Su-27 "Russian Knights" and four MiG-29 "Strizh. Light up the evening sky lights Firework, which will involve installing 74 salutes, and 18 artillery pieces.

Victory Parade of 2009 was the second account, which after 17 years was engaged armor.

ruНа Красной площади прошел военный парад, посвящённый 64-й годовщине Победы в Великой Отечественной войне
deAuf dem Roten Platz militärische Parade fand auf dem 64-jährigen Jubiläum des Sieges im Großen Vaterländischen Krieg.
esEn el desfile militar de la Plaza Roja se celebrГі el 64 Вє aniversario de la Victoria en la Gran Guerra Patria.
frLors de la parade militaire de la Place Rouge a eu lieu le 64 e anniversaire de la Victoire dans la Grande guerre patriotique.
itAlla parata militare Piazza Rossa si ГЁ tenuta il 64 В° anniversario della Vittoria nella Grande Guerra Patriottica.

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