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I hear bratello, relax ....

«Vladimir Vladimirovich "» came to the paper. Psihotronnaya gun, android Gryzlov, Basayev leg and failed foreword by Vladislav Surkov Yurevicha available now to those who lack the Internet.

Once Vitalyevich Maxim Kononenko represented in his book «Project OGI». In the fabled, famous for terrible food cellar nabilos quite a lot of people: the color RuNet, the young guard the Orange Revolution and casual readers «Living magazine». All of them razvlekal Vitalyevich Maxim Kononenko, a happy man, an incredibly lucky grafoman.

word it should be understood in its original sense. In fact, if you count the number of texts that Mr. Parker (grafoman Maxim Kononenko Vitalyevich) writes every day, you can die of envy. Correspondent paper «Gazeta», editor-in-chief of its own «bourgeois magazine», chief editor of the site «Dni.Ru», he delivers the text in all of these publications is online diary on (according to the latest information - two), and daily, except weekend updates Vladimir Vladimirovich ". Kononenko not a writer, though, and went from second-rate literary institute, saying that everything has already been learned. This former programmer was a born journalist. - political comic-series about the President of Russia, and the lack of pictures even if the reader is not confused.

it has the advantage known: every day, the speed (in a particularly violent day Parker vykladyval to ten entries) and, strangely enough, awareness. Savvy people have argued that those motives and mechanisms described in sketchah of Vladimir Vladimirovich " incredibly similar to this. It is hoped that they do not have in mind rybalok, psihotronnyh guns, the unit of government with a double-headed eagle, the leg Basayev and a gold needle with his death.

On paper, however, all this seems far less successful.

Izdavat compilations of columns in general is very risky: that great plays in relation to specific events in a year and a half, when the occasion to firmly forgotten, looks dikovato. The only salvation of the author in this situation - korotaya publicist memory reader. Fontaniruyuschy journalist-blogger-grafoman issuing of ten thousand characters a day, the eternity that has no chance.

Publishers have tried to solve the problem through the comments, made the publishing group, headed by Professor Vasiliev. They turned out nicely, but wildly: an attempt to recreate reality, say, July 2003 (ÎÁ×ÓËÉÄËÕ) using naively humorous sketcha and short dry presentation of these events looks strange. However, in this genre was born on the best piece of the book - a comment to the article on the lawsuit citizen Kozlov. We show it with a few cuts:

«2 July 2004 Ordzhonikidze district court of Yekaterinburg considered unusual lawsuit citizen Kozlov. The plaintiff, bezotvetno in love with a certain Mrs. Yachmenevu and injured her coldness, decided in court to return all the gifts that are granted lady hearts during courtship.

Namely: quartz wall clock, a mirror Wall figure, handbag business, a box of chocolates «Birds milk», azalea flowers (two pots), a mug with her name, chocolate 100 gr . with nuts, 3 kg of banana-yellow, 300 gr. sweets «sladkoezhka», a large red apple, 4 yellow apples, an icon in a university rombika, thermometer «Fish», two postcards, 7 yellow shoe.

Sweetheart Nikolai Kozlov was not present at the meeting, but her explanation was clear that the products it has long been ate and could not return. Like 7 yellow worn men's shoe (she gave them to poor neighbors). The District Court in the lawsuit Nikolai Kozlov refused ... »

, however, and history books from this book will fail.

In principle, one could make this a «story interim years», the study of modern times in a parallel reality. If the comment, index of names and sacred objects Vladimir add chronological tables and a few more powerful reference device could be in twenty years to teach in this book students. But alas ... If Kononenko previously thought conditions fantastic parallel reality, which is Vladimir Vladimirovich ", the book really could become the new Russian «Around the Earth». But the epic can not survive in an environment where the writer just physically do not have enough time to stop and think.

therefore still the best in the book are tales around it encountered. For example, a story about how, Vladislav Y. Surkov wrote the foreword to Vladimir Vladimirovich ". «Because you do not care what I write, you need only my name?» - Allegedly said he was chief-editor of «bourgeois magazine» and wrote the foreword.

and properly made.

Buy the book: Vladimir Vladimirovich "

Semyon Kvasha

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