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Occurrence in Moscow.

A fire at an outdated substation "Chagino" has led to turn off all electricity consumers in Moscow region.

affected Moscow, Moscow, Kaluga and Tula region.

"The reason that we have today - this is a fire and explosion at the substation" Chagino "- told reporters Minpromenergo head Viktor Khristenko.

According to him, as a result of the accident destroyed the transformer out of service 500, 110 and 220 kW line.

"Srabotala automation, for the time being California and Georgia have moved to an isolated area of functioning", - said the minister.

RAO UES of Russia has confirmed that a short circuit and a fire at the substation "Chagino, located in an area Kapotnya, but not confirmed that the transformer explosion. Substation "Chagino" part of the Moscow power ring. It was started in 1963, and the cause of the accident that occurred on Tuesday evening, a member of the board of RAO UES Andrei Trapeznikov called high wear and tear of equipment.

According to him, the team held a substation maintenance work at night from Tuesday to Wednesday and has launched its own substation. But the morning, when energy consumption has risen sharply, the accident began to develop, and this development has taken an irreversible course.

"At present, the deficit of electricity in Moscow up to 10%" - Trapeznikov said in an interview with RIA Novosti at 13.10 Moscow time. Another representative of RAO said that the lack of power was at that time about 1200 megawatts.

Moscow protocol on five subway lines. At the Riga Kaluzhsko-line from Bittsevskogo Park to Kaluga and Shabolovskoy to China, the city closed all the stations at the entrance. The same is true for Zamoskvoretskoy - from Paveletskaya to Krasnogvardeyskoy stations. Fully protocol ëÁ�Ï×ÓËÁÑ, Butovskaya Lublinskaya and metro lines. Temporarily suspended the movement of trains at the station Vyhino (Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line).

According to the MOE, to 13.30 Moscow time were evacuated for about 95% of people who were at the stations and trains stuck in tunnels underground. He did not say how many people were in the subway, but before the representative of Metro said that only in the tunnel from óÅÒÐÕ�Ï×ÓËÏÊ "to" Boulevard of Dmitry Donskoy "(Serpukhpvsko-Timiryazevskaya line) stopped 43 of the composition, which were about 20 thousand people.

from power outages hit at least 15 hospitals that have moved to self-feed system.

a hospital staff member told RIA Novosti that in the first few minutes after you disable patients in intensive care, nahodivshisya on an artificial breathing apparatus, making breathing "from mouth to mouth 'medical staff.

In the south of Moscow have closed obestochennye shopping complexes Mega, IKEA and Auchan. Thousands of visitors went back to the city, stuck on the Moscow Ring Road in a huge jam.

closed, many shops in the city because it stopped working cash equipment.

MICEX and RTS suspended trading due to the fact that many of their clients due to lack of electricity could not participate in them. Warned its customers about the possible difficulties in carrying out bank transactions.

protocol houses in Yasenevo in the region of Warsaw highway, in Vyhino in Kolomenskoye.

In addition, there was some disconnection of gas-consuming urban CHP, told RIA Novosti Representative Mosgaza.

"Some gas was increasing pressure. Action is being taken to prevent problems in the gas network," - he said.

In response to an incident in the capital also has knock disabling traffic lights on some highways. A member of traffic police, give this information, reported that the increase in the number of accidents in Moscow has not happened.

Meanwhile, airport Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo worked smoothly, reported RIA Novosti, the press service at the airports. Space Flight Control Center has also worked without interruption.

"House of the Russian government power outages, water and telephone service is not fixed," - told RIA in the department of government responsible for economic issues. Also, there was no interruption of power supply in the buildings of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Economic Development. But in the Mosenergo disconnect elevator.

Minister of the Moscow region Yevgeny Seregin said that in the south-west area is not working telephone.

At 13.09 Moscow time a representative of RAO UES of Russia told RIA Novosti that according to preliminary data, cascading (uncontrollable) accident stopped.

in RAO UES was created under the leadership of Staff Anatoly Chubais, who is engaged in the liquidation of the consequences.

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