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Polezhal to you in a coffin, a young man.

Fantastic drama В«JacketВ» Edrianom with Brody and Kiroy Knightley talks about time travel from the walls psihlechebnitsy.

Meets wolf in the forest and the Little Red Riding Hood said: «Well, a hat, we have with you, there are two options for the development of events: a merger or takeover». Following the success of «ðÉÁÎÉÓÔÁ» before such a choice was and Adrian Brody. In retrospect the role of survivor of the Warsaw ghetto Jew no longer seems such a success for his career. Eternal Red Hat, he wandered to the wild forests of cinema, appearing here and there with brilliant roles.

Now Gray Wolf wants to see him only in one, guarantee the successful line - a martyr.

Dead village durachka in В«Mysterious forestВ». Lost his memory of a soldier from a new mental-fiction drama В«JacketВ» (The Jacket).

he lost his memory, of course, in Iraq, shlopotav a bullet in the forehead by a local boy. Demobilized poor went hitchhiking nevest which bezlyudnoy winter and the road met a woman with a little girl whose car had broken down. The woman was nevmenyaema because of drug intoxication and did not remember, as a bystander repaired her car. But remember the girl, which the soldiers gave her a souvenir token. Soon after, the guy sat in the car of a gopnika, gopnik shot to stop them kopa, all accused the soldier and sent him to psihushku. There he podzhidal doctor-sadist, whose method of treatment was zapiranii involving patients in the local morgue grobovyh cells - a kind of shock therapy.

effect, however, was unexpected.

shout and narydavshis in a coffin, man discovered that he has inside, it can be transported into the future, where povzroslevshaya girl with zhetonom is sad life В«white trashВ». But more interesting it seemed the fact that, according to the inscriptions on stone mogilnom, a few days stay in durdome he will die.

ðÏÓÔÁ×ÉÌ film John Meyberi, moody talented Briton, snyavshy a decent biography of Francis Bacon «Love - this is the devil». So the artistic side of the picture all right. Mighty Kris Kristofferson, played sadistic doctor - are already present. Kira Knightley - a girl, which is why every time something like napoddat, played povzroslevshuyu daughter narkomanki and in this form nichtozhnom quite appropriate.

problem only in some even calling the banality of the story.

В«Stairway JacobВ», В«12 monkeysВ» and more dramatic stories of travels through time, until the В«International two timesВ» Finne, podtachivayut self-esteem of the film, making fuss and finagle cheeks in an attempt to demonstrate its independence. The two most interesting findings - the coffin lying in which you can wander through time (machinery, well described in Castaneda), and the detective investigating his own death (the plot, obviously needs to be updated for the imprescriptible В«Angel HeartВ») - lost in unnecessary details.

uncertain balancing between formats independent art-house and zauryadnoy Hollywood productions as well disorients: if Iraq and the civilian pathos, from where it took a good doctor, similar to upyrya malobyudzhetnyh of horror? If Mr. Kristofferson, then where grazhdanochka Knightley?

As it happens in the case of the fair with its own intonation, but hopelessly secondary belts, the impression of «Pidzhaka» depends only on siyuminutnogo friendly audience. It's like a stranger to hear a story about how his wife left. Today you can find deep and sympathize with, and tomorrow - just not vyspavshis - can answer the old ÓÔÉÛËÏÍ: «What do you duesh in the pipe, a young man? Polezhal to you in a coffin, a young man ... ».

Kostylev Anton

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