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The main hero of the World Economic Forum has become Vladimir Putin.

In the corridors of Davos again said that no global problem can not be solved without Russia.

World Economic Forum in Davos this year was unprecedented in terms of the number of high-level participants. In Switzerland, brought together more than 40 heads of state. The world economic crisis has increased attention to the forum. Discuss this question came to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Gordon Brown, the leaders of Japan, Turkey, China, Czech Republic, Israel ... Moscow delegation this year was headed by Vladimir Putin himself, who made a poluchasovym introductory remarks. After the Russian-Georgian war and the recent gas conflict with Ukraine, Russia, it was necessary to restore more cordial relations with the West. In his speech, he did not hesitate to use metaphors. For example, he compared the crisis with razbushevavsheysya nature. "There is a valid concept -" the perfect storm when razygravshiesya natural elements converge at one point and multiply multiply their destructive force. The current crisis is like it is at such a perfect storm "- said the Russian prime.

"But still the crisis comes suddenly - just as the winter we have in Russia. always ready for it, and always comes unexpectedly." Here, he tore off the room laugh, but then proceeded to make real causes of the crisis.

Speaking at the forum, Putin acknowledged that Russia's economy, excessive reliance on exports of raw materials, will feel at a crisis stronger than the other, nesyrevyh exporters. To avoid distortions, the country intends to become a major exporter of food and high-tech goods. According to Putin, the goal of the Russian authorities - a quality upgrade the country over 10-12 years. "

In contrast to a successful presentation of Russia, Ukraine, in Davos, looked pale. Ukrainian leaders have ignored the forum. Initially, Victor Yushchenko was going to go to Davos, he even had been on the list of participants of the forum. Why he had changed his mind - it is not known.

The general background is allocated to Davos indifference shown by the United States. The major economies at the conference will represent the National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers. New Finance Minister Timothy Gaytner in Davos will not come. In 2008, the forum opened the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

This year's forum is taking place in Switzerland less than before - no luxury receptions with expensive food and drinks. At the banquet table eggs and lobsterov replace ham and cheese, a traditional Dom Perignon replaced by inexpensive varieties of white wine and champagne. From participation in the summit because of "employment" declined vocalist group U2 Bono. There will be no Angelina Jolie and Sharon Stone. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is not allowed to come to Davos state budget deficit.

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