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The winner of "Dakar-2009" team "KAMAZ-master" returns home.

Russian team "KAMAZ-master" repeated his best result in the "Dakar" - first, second and fourth place.

The winner of the fourteenth stage, and with it the whole rally raid "Dakar" -2009 classroom trucks crew of the Russian team was the "KAMAZ-master" is running a pilot Firdausa Kabirova. The main hope of Russian fans were associated with the test truck. And the team "KAMAZ-master" was not brought them. Firdaus Kabirov and Vladimir Chagin had left their opponents a single chance. Both held the same race, in turn changing the leading positions, but after a puncture the right rear wheel on the car five times winner of "Dakar" the first place got all the same Kabirovu.

At the finish ahead of Kabirov Chagina less than four minutes - and won his second since the 2005 "Dakar".

third crew of "KAMAZ" Ilgizara Mardeeva finished "Dakar" in fourth place. In total, this is a triumph for the eighth team from Naberezhnye Chelny on the "Dakar". Rivals "KamAZ" had to be satisfied with third place - it took the Dutchman Gerard de Roy on "Zhinafe. In the class of cars main challengers to win for various reasons do not got to the finish. Obidnee of all, perhaps, it was Carlos Sayntsu have lost their lead just two spetsuchastka to finish. In the end, victory inherited yuzhnoafrikantsu Zhinielyu de Villersu Germans Dirku background Tsittsevitsu for "Volkswagen". Team Volkswagen has managed to suspend the seven hegemony Mitsubishi at this marathon rally. In third place - American Robby Gordon on the famous "Hammer." The Russian crew of Leonid Novitsky and Leonid Tyupenkina finished eighth. They were the best team by BMW. In the class of motorcycle and slopes Russian crews did not participate. Among the strongest motogonschikov became Spaniard Marc Coma in the "KTM". His main rival, Frenchman Cyril Depre Come lost almost half an hour. For motorcycles MWC this victory was the eighth row already on the "Dakar". David Fretene finishirovavshy third on the Yamaha. The competitions slopes, which first took place at the "Dakar", defeated the Czech Josef MachГЎ ek to "Yamaha".

first South American "Dakar" was held. The distance of the marathon because of the cuts and the lifting stages of 8700 instead of 9574 km. "Dakar-2009" has claimed the lives of 49-year-old Pascal motogonschika Terri, and two civilians whose vehicle collided at a peregonov technical support with a truck race. Several other athletes were seriously injured.

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