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Expensive my home.

Building a lot, but expensive housing and the chronic lack - as is the situation in the market of residential real estate construction industry leaders Kubany.

soon construction may decline, while prices per square meter popolzut up - the experts forecast for the current year.

to start - a few statistics.

by total imposed halt housing Krasnodar region ranks first in YUFO and is in the list of Russian leaders.

building organizations of all forms of ownership and the population of the province in 2004, was introduced by housing a total area of 1719.7 thousand square meters (based on houses built in the summer and garden plots), as compared with 2003, an increase of 9 percent. For comparison - in Rostov region, the figure is 1119, 1 thousand square meters (an increase of 12% per year), Stavropol Territory - 634.6 square meters (an increase of 0,2%). In the regional center for the past two years put in service housing is about 900 thousand square meters.

Housing in Krasnodar 26 organizations carried out various forms of ownership. The share of the ten leading developers of housing in Krasnodar, Russia accounted for about 70% of the total surrendered in the operation of housing. The main players in the housing market are Ltd. JIC "Development-South" - 19, 7% of the construction, SKF "LDK - 18, 4%, Ltd. MT" WCRP - 15, 8%. The most sought shelter in Krasnodar were flat in homes for the middle class.

Despite the good performance of the housing, power edges do not hide that the pace of housing construction is clearly lagging behind the needs of the inhabitants of the Kuban.

to improve the living conditions in the province needs at least 150 thousand families. The housing issue is very acute in large cities the province, especially in Krasnodar. According to the Committee on Accounting and distribution of housing the city administration, according to the data at the end of 2004, at the edge of the capital are not provided with lodgings 46 245 families, standing in the accounting for the improvement of housing conditions. Some krasnodartsy waiting in line at the apartment since 1962. Governor Alexander Tkachev announced that the strategic task of the authorities in the next five years is to provide housing for all desperately need. "It is not that the state will build and distribute for free housing, - stressed the Governor at a meeting on the development of mortgage lending. - The State, along with banks and construction companies should establish a mechanism of mortgage lending, which would allow citizens to purchase housing with any level of income. " The Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Territory kraevuyu approved a special program of the housing mortgage loans for 2005-2010. According to the developers of the program, as a result of its implementation of 95 thousand families kubantsev can get a mortgage loan. Predicted funding program is 103.9 billion rubles.

But now the number of housing mortgage loans purchased for slightly and does not play a significant role in the regional housing market. The main reasons for introducing the idea of the complexity of mortgage professionals are called low-income people (at least officially declared), as well as high interest rates on bank loans - about 18% per annum. Krasnodar realtors believe that the proportion of housing sold in the secondary market by bringing mortgage, is not yet over 10% of total sales. In the market of new housing mortgage Krasnodar Territory is the more modest place.

Irina Pavlenko, deputy general director of OAO "Kuban mortgage agency reported that in Krasnodar completed 130-apartment houses, 43 apartments which are intended for mortgage borrowers. At the first stage of financing the cost of construction of the apartments at the expense of regional budget in future budgets will be reimbursed for loans. This is the first in the province, and has unique experience in the construction of housing on a mortgage.

One of the essential factors, which may soon affect the situation in housing, the Krasnodar Territory, the specialists called the Federal Law "On Participation in the share construction of apartment buildings and other real estate" , which entered into force on 1 April this year.

- There is no doubt that the law required - argues Sergei Ivanov, President of Construction and Investment Corporation "Development-South cooperation." - Housing - a complex and important industry, so far it has not been adequately regulated, in particular, the issue of shares has not been worked out. But a law adopted very quickly, and it is very hard. 90% of firms is not ready. I think that in the near future will be some difficulties. "Director-General of the Union of Builders Kubany Alexander Denisov spoke about the new law even more categorical:" We have received a packet of documents - Urban Planning Code, the Housing Code, the Law on the share construction - which is not designed for the builder, but against the builder. The law "On co-construction" - mine is in slow motion. Document crude, crude, largely questionable. And dolschik of this law, too, will lose.

Under the new law, construction can not begin until the project published a declaration, clearing the land, through the organs of justice. Booklet will be a serious obstacle to the start of construction. In the Union of Builders Kubany calculated that if the best scenario in Krasnodar in the documentation takes 515 days, and all this time, the developer has no right to involve the co.

- Previously licenses oformlyalas parallel - told A. Denisov. - For example, in the Jubilee neighborhood Krasnodar half the houses built in this manner. Now it is forbidden. For dolschika was a risk, and there is a negative example, when a multi-house and left unfinished, and people lost their money. But even in Russia just 0.75% of housing construction has any problems with the resolution. Now it turns out that all initially blamed the builder.

As an immediate consequences of the application of the law in Krasnodar, Russia is projected to fall in the volume of housing construction and rising home prices.

- Many players will leave the market - they are not ready to fulfill all the requirements of the law. Someone will be merged with other enterprises, someone will act as a contractor. Some projects may be frozen, - said Ivanov, President of the corporation "Development-South cooperation." - Prognozirovat specific indicators is difficult, but I think the volume of housing construction in Krasnodar may fall to 2 times. We followed the state of the housing market in the city - last year it was declared 48 buildings. Now, at the end of April, we have no evidence that something somewhere in the beginning of construction - the new facilities under the new rules. I expect the market prosyadet. At what time this will happen - is hard to predict, I think, from 6 to 12 months at least.

Chapter "Development-South believes that the decline in construction will lead to higher prices for new housing by 25-30% this year. From this point of view, according to many realtors. In the agency "DSC-Rielter reported that by the autumn of this year's projected rise in the prices of new residential real estate at 30-40%, which, in turn, potyanet for a price in the secondary housing market. Other realtors are not so pessimistic, but there is one - as soon as possible that something will. And, as always in Russia, it is something we will beat you afford.

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