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Novorossiysk obliged to share the goods.

Razrulivat situation with freight congestion in the direction of Novorossysk took personally Transport Minister Igor Levitin.

During the two-day visit at Kuban Krasnodar, he held a visiting panel of the Ministry of Transport, where the issue of eliminating disparities between the crossing rail and sea transportation has become one of the key.

- On the approaches to Novorossiysk weeks are broshenye trains, port facilities do not cope with the increased traffic flow - mercilessly criticized our port, Minister for the board in the presence of the authorized representative of Russian President Dmitry Kozak YUFO , his deputy Alexander Fixing, Kuban Governor Alexander Tkachev, and numerous representatives of all branches of the transport infrastructure. - It is necessary to bring Novorossiysk Marine unit to the new needs of the distribution of traffic flows.

The meeting decided the issue of "bottle neck effect" (as the situation around Novorossysk dubbed professionals) rather unique way.

According to the agency "Caucasus Knot, Igor Levitin, ordered to take strict administrative measures to simply be redirected zastryavshie convoys to other ports of Kuban. "Otherwise, - he said - we risk losing part of traffic and transit potential to discredit the" south gate ".

Meanwhile, some economic analysts have expressed in the electronic media to the view that it is rastaskivanie for Novorossysk cargo can adversely affect the reputation of the main Russian port on the Black Sea. As articulated in the media say that the alleged "in the port is not free warehouses to store and vetroustoychivyh cranes.

- Can I say that in the port there vetroustoychivogo equipment, when our society has invested billions in its modernization and has 12 alone, "Gottwald" - the most advanced in the present Day cranes? - Asked the Deputy Director of Railway Transport JSC NMTP "Nazar Barsegov. - The best equipment is not in any port in Russia. And can we say that the port of Novorossiysk to cope with the growing gruzopotokom when only one of our joint-stock company with the established norm in Mintransom 590 cars a day, handles 600 or more? This is with regard to export goods. We can not hide that NMTP not enough storage space. But there are objective reasons - the port is limited in its capabilities because of the natural geography, we zazhaty on all sides. That had no effect on our work, if the railroad filed a cargo evenly, rather than be driven to the port of monthly rate for the week. Here are two of the three regions are not involved in the work, because the railroad does not have brought the goods.

held in Krasnodar on board the Russian Federation Ministry adviser Rashid Huseynov presented the assembled versions of the reconstruction project of railway interchanges in the area of the port of Novorossiysk: the construction of a new railway line from Grushovoy or Abinska to Kabardinki, scheduled the need to create in the Krasnodar region of modern logistics center, which would monitor traffic flows in the region. But the construction of new railway routes to Novorossiysk planned several years in succession, a logistics center in our region there are already two years, and its founders were very regional administration and the largest stevedoring company Novorossysk. However, the situation is not changing.

Novorossiytsam in this situation, you can enjoy only one - a conversation about the possibility of reducing the number of passenger trains in our region to increase the load on the road board does not go.

Planned same movement for Novorossysk goods to other ports is the opposite sense, because the more overwhelmed urban stevedoring company, the more of their payments to the budget, including the city.


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