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Council Atamanov Stavropol district Terek Cossack troops went with the governor.

Governor Valery Gaevsky: it is linked with the history of the Cossacks Stavropol, and it is logical that after a century Terskoe army intends to take a direct part in the life of the region.

the first time, over the past six years, the government passed the edge of board Atamanov Cossack societies Stavropolski Cossack District Terek Cossack troops with the governor. In connection with the president of Russia approved the concept for the development of the Cossacks, the head of the edge of Valery Gaevsky cossacks assured that their enterprises are guaranteed the support of executive power.

"Time is difficult, the financial crisis in the world and has affected the budget of the province, it had to cut down more than 4 billion, but the promise of opportunity to resolve the accumulated problems will Cossacks."

At the council a report on the activities of the district made a Cossack chieftain Stavropolski Terek Cossack troops Alexander Falco. He described the work of 181 Cossack society, where are serving more than 16 thousand people. They are equipped with 247-Caucasus and Cossack desantno-assault battalion in the regional center and Tersky 205 th Battalion separate Cossack Motorized Brigade in Budyonnovsk. Only in the last 3 years in military service were called 292 Cossack. Daily 250-300 cossacks are serving for the protection of public order in the province.

On board atamany Cossack divisions of cities and districts edges spoke of the difficulties in establishing a dialogue with the heads of municipalities, the lack of a clear mechanism of interaction between communities and the leaders of Cossack societies, and much, much more ...

Valery Gaevsky cossacks assured that continue to meet regularly, and his intention to invite the leadership of the municipalities to develop an active dialogue with the Cossacks was greeted kazachim "Ljubo". At the end of the meeting of the Council Atamanov Governor Valery Gaevskomu handed nameplate bomb.

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