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The trial of the ex-mayor of Krasnodar N. Prize will begin in the next two weeks.

Now the ex-mayor of working with documents in preparation for court hearings.

As the former Deputy Mayor Nicholas Petrikov, a solution of time familiarizing prosecutors accused the case has been limited: November 1, Nikolay Prize began to get acquainted with the criminal case, and on November 7, he had already been indicted.

The volume of cases is 2100 pages, consisting of 11 volumes. For the week, giving him a consequence, N. Prize has had found only a quarter of the documents. "Even if the judge on these incomplete data, in a lot of inaccuracies, errors and direct rigging, with which we are now trying to understand", - emphasized Mykola Petrikov.

Otstranennogo head of the city blamed on Article 286 Part 2 of the Criminal Code - "abuse of authority."

The main charge - the alleged unauthorized, without competition, the allocation of contracts for construction and other work in the city. However, according to the defense of the actions of Nicholas Prize no signs of a crime: there is no statements of victims, there was no damage done to the budget, there is no corrupt intent.

"In Krasnodar, some types of work for many years served the same employer, for example, the company" Kubandorblagoustroystvo is engaged in the repair of roads "- explained the former Deputy Mayor N. Petrikov "Other candidates for this job was not the announcement of competition would be a mere formality, ottyagivayuschey started work. Therefore, the protection does not see the crimes that the contracts were distributed in this way. We have the data on the pressure on those involved as witnesses, some of them attempted to induce false testimony about the alleged distribution of contracts for bribes. But as far as we know, in the case of such testimony is not "- he said.

Sam Nicholas Prize believes that the main reason for the prosecution against him was his opposition to the proposed transfer of utilities Krasnodar lease businesses.

In his view, this will inevitably lead to a sharp appreciation of utilities in the city.

Nikolai Prize has so far refused to call themselves "ex-mayor." In his version, he was removed from office temporarily, and hopes to be able to recover in the same position.

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