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Russian athletes at the 13 th Paralympic Games have won 63 medals.

The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has congratulated paralimpiytsev - so successful Paralympic team has not yet been performed ever in the history of the Games.

At the XIII Paralimpiade in Beijing, Russian athletes in team scoring took eighth place. Following 11 days of Paralympic competition in the Russian national team has 63 medals - 18 gold, 23 silver and 22 bronze medals. Four years ago in Athens, on the basis of Paralimpiady Russia won the 11 th mestoza in the team classification, winning 16 gold, 8 silver and 17 bronze medals. In Athens, Russia was represented by 84 athlete with disabilities, in Beijing - 145 athletes.

At the 13 th Paralympic Games in competitions for 20 sports attended by about 4 thousand athletes from 147 countries around the world. Russian athletes were made in 13 sports: athletics, swimming, judo, shooting bullets and archery, equestrian sports, football, sitting volleyball, table tennis, wheelchair tennis at, powerlifting, rowing and academic fencing.

largest number of awards made swimmers Russia - 27 medals, 11 of which - gold.

In the team scoring the swimming tournament, the Russians were fifth after the U.S. (17 gold medals), Chinese (13), Ukrainians (13) and Britons (11). In the penultimate day of competition won the "Gold" Art Arefiev in running 800 meters. Awards in the piggy bank and the Russian team had the players, winning silver in the "7 on 7", yielding gold Ukraine. Second place on a pedestal also took athletes Alex Labzin in running 200 meters in the T31 category, and Vladimir Andryushenko in the shot category F11/12. On the last day of the Games-2008 Team Russia won one medal - Ildar Pomykalov took third place in the marathon. The Russian winners of the Paralympic Games will receive the same prize as the winners of the Olympics: the prize for "gold" - 100 thousand euros for the "silver" - 60 thousand euros for the "bronze" - 40 thousand euro.

next Paralympic Games will be held in London in 2012.

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