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In the qualifying match Juventus-2009 junior national team of Russia defeated Georgia.

Youth Team Russia confidently beat Georgia, but even a large account does not reflect the total benefits, which belonged to our team on the field.

Football match qualifying stage the European Championship-2009 between the youth teams of Russia and Georgia was held in Moscow. The Commission for Emergency Situations Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), at the request of Georgia, decided to postpone the game on a neutral field. The Russian Football Union has offered to host a meeting in the capital of Belarus and UEFA approved the proposal. The match was held at the Minsk stadium "Tractors".

passed just six minutes from the starting whistle Northern Ireland referee Adrian Makkorta, as has already been opened by the defender of FC "Moskva" Kirill Nababkinym.

second goal of the gates of the Georgian national team, under the curtain of the first half, scoring forward in Moscow "Spartak" Alexander Prudnikov. Despite a sharp counterattack rivals, the Russians fully intercepted initiative. A few minutes of the second half, had scored the third as the ball into the goal Georgian national team. Alexander Prudnikov Tomashvili beat and irresistible Breaks in the bottom far corner. After the third score the ball, Hudeshvili "cut down" Prudnikova rolled up at the back - this time almost led to a massive fight. Arbitrator quickly handed out a couple of cards and the match continued quite correctly. After a couple of minutes after the Borsa Salugin replace. Prudnikov exited the field and left the club forward for the replacement of "Wings of Soviets' Alexander Salugin soon became the author of the fourth ball. Only in the last ten minutes of the Georgians tried to equalize the game, after a couple of good attacks. Tsinamzrishvili went one-on-one with the goalkeeper, but Anton Shunin captured the shot at close range.

In the qualifying round match of the Youth European Championship 2009 Team of Russia defeated Georgia team with the score 4:0.

Now everything will be resolved in Spain on 9 September. Team Russia up to 21 years in the qualifying cycle for the European Championship in 2009, took second place in its group, conceding 6 points after six games the leaders - the team of Spain. Youth Team Guzii, is located on the last line of the tournament table, do not fall into the finals of the European Championship.

Goals: Kiril Nababkin, 7 - 1:0, Alexander Prudnikov, 40 - 2:0, Alexander Prudnikov, 50 - 3:0, Alexander Salugin, 59 - 4:0.

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