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At the rally "Quiet Don" won the team "KAMAZ-Master".

Kamazovskie racers rarely participate in the championships of Russia in the "dakarovskih" trucks, but at the rally "Quiet Don 2008", viewers could see the truck in that scenario, who will speak at the "Dakar-2009".

Race "Quiet Don 2008" this year starts at the center Aksaya. In the battle for victory on the road of Rostov region has gone 41 crew. Rostov Region in the race representing 4 crew. Competitions were held at the distance of 500 kilometers, according to a new, unbroken route drivers. Following four spetsuchastkov first place in the classification of freight cars took the crew of Vladimir Chagin, the future party-marathon rally "Dakar-2009". Second place with a time lag of 31 minutes took Andrew Kargin, became the third Airat Mardeev.

At the rally "Quiet Don 2008" crew team "KAMAZ-Master" won all three seats in the category of trucks.

best result of the riders showed the crew of Don Gregory and Andrew Teleyko Ryzhenkova. They were fifth in their class. Alexander Oleinikov and Alex K., on the basis of the entire championship won silver medals. One of the leaders of the championship immediately went the distance. The next revolution occurred at the end of the first day of competition. Bulat Yanborisov could not resist his "lorry" and also completed the race prematurely. The most offensive go was ridiculous accident rostovchanina Alexander Oleinikova and navigator of the Moscow Alexei Kuzmich. U favorites Championship in the class of "production" engine blew up. The victory in the class "superprodakshn" St. Petersburg won a crew consisting of Misikova Ruslan and Sergey Talantseva. In the class of "production" first come, two by Dmitry Pavlov.

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