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For the reconstruction of housing in South Ossetia, Russia will allocate 10 billion rubles.

Vladimir Putin: "unleashed aggression led to numerous casualties, including among civilians, and caused, in fact, a real humanitarian catastrophe."

At a meeting in Vladikavkaz, the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin met with the leadership of North Ossetia to discuss assistance to South Ossetia in response to developments in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict and ordered to provide for housing reconstruction in South Ossetia 10 billion rubles . The meeting was attended by the head of North Ossetia Taimuraz Mamsurov, Vice-Premier Alexander Zhukov, the head of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Sergei Shoigu. Vladimir Putin believes that the military actions, the Georgian side "suffered a mortal blow the territorial integrity of Georgia itself, which means a huge damage to its state: it is difficult to imagine how, after all, what happened after that, what else is happening, to convince South Ossetia to join the Georgian state. "

"We understand the situation in which people have, lost their property, homes - we have these people in trouble will not leave", - stressed Vladimir Putin.

On the night of August 8, began large-scale fighting between Georgian and yugoosetinskimi military units. In South Ossetia, estimate the number of deaths in the thousands. There are victims among the Russian peacekeepers - dead and wounded. At midnight on 7 August, the Georgian army and opened fire during the night had destroyed 10 of the border settlements. People popryatalis in the basements of houses and can not go, because snipers sweep the streets. The capital of Ossetia is almost entirely destroyed, razed to the ground several villages. In Tskhinvali there is no water, gas, electricity, destroyed all to one hospital, utterly destroyed all the kindergartens, university. In the hospitals in North Ossetia began to receive the wounded from South Ossetia. From 2 to 9 August, the border of Russia shifted and registered in the migration service 34 thousand refugees, some of them returned. 22 thousand people left in Russia, about 14 thousand refugees - in the Southern Federal District. From North Ossetia to South Ossetia sent 48 tons of humanitarian aid - food and autonomous sources of electricity.

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