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From IKEA asked for pears.

Aksay farms filed in the Regional Arbitration Court lawsuit against the company IKEA, accusing it of illegally destroying 7 hectares of gardens grushevyh.

seems, IKEA - one of the world's retail giants (annual sales - more than 11 billion euros) - faced a new obstacle to the construction of a shopping center on Don. In addition to passing the bureaucratic practices in the processing of documents for the construction of transnational now to take part in the trial against Aksajskogo limited partnership В«AmberВ».

Sadovody IKEA accused in the illegal destruction of the pear garden belonging to them, assessing the damage to more than 9 million rubles.

In late March, speaking at a meeting of the heads of subjects of the Russian Federation, members of the YUFO, Vladimir Chub said that the current negotiations on the opening at the Don new shopping centers at a minimum five transnational networks. And then suddenly added:

- And here we would have needed your help, we appeal to you, with IKEA. We are with them for two years, there is some friction.

In December 2004, the first director of the regional department of the consumer market Vladimir Boroday told that the Swedish company IKEA has been allocated land plot of 35 hectares in area Aksayskom near transport interchanges Rostov - Moscow -- Baku. Also Vladimir Boroday noticed that next to the playground is sovkhoz В«AmberВ» and of the land, which the furniture giant will take a shopping center under construction, are a category of land selhoznaznacheniya - are in the process of re-issued. Construction of IKEA shopping center scheduled to begin in 2005. But, judging by what has recently happened, the timing of that building could again be revised.

Korrespondent N asked to explain the essence of tensions that have hampered build the shopping center, Assistant Chapter Aksay Administration Sergei Ushakov.

- As far as I know, serious problems at the company with any of our administration, nor with builders there - said Sergei Ushakov. - Contractors have already developed area, uprooted the old garden, which was part of the purchased land. But now the process for some reason to pause.

But Svetlana Gorkovenko, deputy director of the Association for the faith (TNV) В«AmberВ», quite emotional correspondent N explained the reason for the delay in construction. It turned out exactly they have very specific friction with transnational:

- Yes, we are of the В«IKEEYВ» sudimsya. They have us illegally uprooted 7 hectares of pears. I do not know, because of what it is they get - whether they are specially made, whether they are irresponsible contractors: they may polenilis clearly delineate bought the land and therefore zalezli on our site.

Here we have filed a lawsuit in the regional arbitration.

in the Arbitration Court of Rostov region confirmed this information. As the press service of the court, TNV В«AmberВ» filed a lawsuit demanding to recover damages in connection with the cutting garden trees (pears). The defendant had Ltd. В«IKEA-MosВ». Gone are the preliminary hearing: aksayskie gardeners to assess damage caused to their economy transnational in 9224900 rub. The judge appointed the first meeting on May 5.

- We do not comment on the progress of regional construction projects, guided by the principle of В«do no harmВ», - N leader told the press service of IKEA Irina Vanenkova in response to a request to explain the reasons for the delay of construction. - Any comment - an occasion for allegory and incorrect interpretations, keep track of all those on the ground is very difficult. Actually, in our company for the years of its existence and work with local governments have learned to wait. I can say that the situation in the Rostov region is quite normal. To date, we have a city-record in terms of our shopping centers. For example, Kazan - the city where IKEA for all 60 years of its existence, was able to quickly build a complex of all: the municipality has worked so well that we met in 9 months. A В«negativeВ» record - is Helsinki, where the procedure soglasovatelnye rastyanulis for 33 years.

Irina Vanenkova also noticed that their company is not trying to step up coordination and approval processes, and does not interfere in the work of local authorities. As is known, the first IKEA buys plots in several prospective cities, declared the intention to begin construction and the approximate amount of investment. Then it all depends on the regional administrations.

case grushevom garden is obviously not the only obstacle to the construction of a new shopping center, in which investments are estimated at $ 130 million

Unfortunately, the correspondent N after numerous requests to the Minimuschestva various divisions, departments and the Office of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Secretariat of the Governor and the district administration Aksajskogo never been able to give a clear answer to the question whether IKEA to complete the exciting process of transfer of land selhoznaznacheniya category, giving the right to build.

course record at the Kazan our region has to apply unrealistic, but it is possible pereplyunut Helsinki.

Vladimir Kolodkin

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