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Krasnodartsy - for the direct election of heads of the city.

The majority participated in the survey «KP» - Kuban »against the mayor-appointees.

campaign to offset the mayor of Krasnodar Nicholas Prize gaining new sales. Do not have time to cool passions, after the first trial, the disgraced head of the decision by the city filed a complaint with the kraysud, he was accused of the illegal allocation of land in Krasnodar for construction.

And hope for an amnesty for the Day of Victory, which could allow Nikolay retain his post, it seems, is not satisfied.

As the developers say the draft law on amnesty, it will be distributed only to participants in the Great Patriotic War and the rear - Mr. prize does not fall in their numbers.

so long as the court case, provincial authorities, initiating the campaign, nominated for the post of Acting Chapter Krasnodar candidacy of Vladimir Evlanov. As early January poll «KP» - Kuban », the majority of citizens support it. But left unresolved punktik - procedure for the appointment of a new chapter. Team Alexander Tkachev, apparently, for the approval of the governor or mayor elect its Gordumoy. But what they want krasnodartsy?

A week ago we asked readers: «And you think the mayor should be appointed by the governor of Krasnodar, the city elected by the Duma or the direct election of the citizens?»

As a result, the vast majority were in favor of direct elections.

«This is our last right, our freedom. And why someone is infringing on it? »- Many indignant. «Yes, and will not complain to anyone other than themselves, if we choose not to head», - the people talk.

for the appointment of the mayor of the governor, only one vote, and the solution of the question the city Duma at all, no one supported. So, maybe, is to heed the voice of the people and give krasnodartsam opportunity to decide who should lead the Krasnodar?

Inna Zhuravel

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