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A chapter know, but silent.

The fact that you'd like to not have been afraid to travel on our roads and the passengers and drivers was talking to an expanded meeting of regional commissions UK Government to ensure the safety of road users.

- The main causes of the increase in accidents - a violation of the rules of operation and movement of vehicles, the technical condition of cars, netrezvye and bumbling drivers - said deputy chairman of the UK Government, the Minister of Industry, Transport and Communications edges Gennady Klyushnikov, who led the meeting. - And because of poor road accidents occur every fourth.

Perhaps one of the main topics of discussion was the situation in passenger transport. In fact, according to statistics, the accident with its participation - the worst of consequences and the number of victims.

Only two months of this year in the province with the drivers of passenger transport is committed more than 30 traffic accidents, which killed nine people over 50 were injured.

Registered fact, even when the driver, bus driving, was drunk.

These figures voiced head of the department UGAI GUVD SC Vladimir Morin. According to him, the main causes of the current situation nepriglyadnoy (it is the most acute in Stavropol, îÅ×ÉÎÎÏÍÙÓÓËÅ on Kavminvodah) in the field of transport is first and foremost a violation of basic norms and rules of the organization of the transportation process as by the drivers, and the leaders of road transport enterprises.

A number of serious violations of traffic police officers identified in the audits of the regional passenger transport center. For example, cars on the line are available at intervals of one minute, that suggests that the mechanics department of technical control, they simply can not be examined. Medical examination of the same drivers, according to entries in journals, is very well, with unprecedented speed - up to five people per minute! Those violations are typical for the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters.

Another fact: the bulk of passengers at this time transporting individual entrepreneurs who, in addition to training on 82-hour-long program, have no special training.

Moreover, as the inspection, in most cases, the necessary contracts for service vehicles are formally. For example, in one of the emergency in the area discovered Trunovskom blank trip tickets with all the necessary stamps and signatures of mechanics and doctors to conduct predreysovogo inspection. A private entrepreneur was carrying people from the area in the Stavropol Trunovskogo plant В«NeptuneВ», not having all the necessary documentation. Moreover - a failure bus. Besides, notes Inspectorate, the majority of individual entrepreneurs carry passengers on buses are not designed for this purpose (particularly in the Stavropol, Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk) and heads of territorial entities of closing our eyes and continue to enter into contracts with them.


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