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23 thousand people visited the car forum in Krasnodar.
In Sochi open international economic forum "Kuban-2004".
Russian edition of Forbes magazine published the list of 100 richest businessmen of Russia.
В«Previously wrote the music for the people, and now for the show-businessВ».
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Fisting: technique, posture, and other useful tips.
In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
Rostov opposition tried to open the veins during the arrest.
Under Gazprom's reeled pipe.
Krasnodar "choke" without the 2018 World Cup.
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Caucasian Mineral Waters revive its former glory of the tourist region.

According to the draft, the Stavropol Territory, in all cities, resorts, will be built: the center of adventure tourism in the hill Yutsa under Pyatigorsk, a water park in Zheleznovodsk etnopark in Kislovodsk, ski resort in Lermontov.

on the territory of the Caucasian Mineral Waters in the Stavropol territorial department operates the Federal Agency for Management of Special Economic Zones (SEZs). Stavropol region of Russia was second, the government has signed the agreement, which defines the boundaries of the first zone. The agreement was signed between the Government of the Russian Federation, members of the Federation and all members of the zone.

Stavropol promotes hiking and narzannye baths.

All spa city of federal significance, according to the draft, will be built: the center of adventure tourism in the hill Yutsa, aquapark in Zheleznovodsk etnopark in Kislovodsk, ski resort in Lermontov.

first floor, which started an ambitious project SEZ, located ten kilometers from Pyatigorsk, in the hillside Yutsa, the center of the delta and paragliding.

Mount Yutsa unique emerging here powerful ascending flow of air. Since the 1970's here in force boundary deltaplanerny club, on which the annual All-Russian competition level.

Second, for the development, site is located in Mount Camel, near the airport "Mineral Water".

second floor SEZ has unique natural ability to create a health-spa center. The concept of tourist and recreational zone is developed by German firm Roland Berger Stretedzhi Konsaltens GmbH. German firm to build 14 hotels, a golf course, tennis courts, horse trails for walking. Tourism - the most high-yield and bystrooborachivaemy business.

brighter prospects of development could overshadow the serious problem of preserving the principal "mud" the source region - Lake Tambukan, located on the border of Stavropol and Kabardino-Balkaria.

further desalting lakes could lead to its degradation. Balneological resources - is a unique value and give them to private hands is unacceptable, but on the main wealth of the region - the subsoil and the main nedropolzovatelem OAO Kavminkurortresursami "Damocles sword NAVIS" ghost "of privatization.

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