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St. Petersburg was the capital of European football.

Our football team won the UEFA Cup twice in the past three years - came after CSKA another club, who came to this summit.

In the final match, held in Manchester, St Petersburg Zenit "won the Scottish" Glasgow Rangers "with the score 2:0 and won the UEFA Cup football. The winning goal at the 74 th minute, with the filing Arshavina, scored half ÐÉÔÅÒÃÅ× Igor Denisov. In added time, distinguished Konstantin Zyryanov, clogging the second goal. The winning goal, with the filing Arshavina, Zyrianov devoted to his wife, who is pregnant. Zabiv goal kick symitiroval "interesting situation," zasunuv the ball under the T-shirt, very surprised than the spectators. Attorney Dick team dominated on the field during the whole match, "Rangers" also had to take a defensive tactics and seek happiness in other people's gates through the rare and nothing traivshih a counter. At the awards Vyacheslav Malaheev, Andrei Arshavin and Alejandro Dominguez went out with the children on his hands and UEFA President Michel Platini nothing left to hang as decorations on the neck of their children. It was a very touching moment during the celebration ceremony.

from Russian club CSKA only managed to win the UEFA Cup in 2005.

"Zenit" played with a grace and has shown excellent football - and effervescent attacker. Beautiful passing game, finty, passageways. On account of this football team win, not only in the finals, but the semifinal and quarterfinal. "Zenit" in Manchester with the score 2:0 for the first time in its history, became the owner of the UEFA Cup.

second victory in three years, the second on the credibility of the European Championship soccer kubkovom proved to the world that it is time to have to stop talking about Russian football in the hope tone - our football can be up to the mark.

best igrokoi finals has been recognized leader attacks "Zenit" Andrei Arshavin, Pavel Pogrebnyak and became the best scorer of the UEFA Cup. Already, the UEFA Cup on arrival at the northern capital. Our fans have long waited for the beautiful game, and victorious, and they received it, and despite the fact that the UEFA Cup was held in Manchester, it did not prevent piterskim fans in a big way to celebrate the victory in St. Petersburg. Crowds of fans throughout the night moved along the central lines at the Palace Square. Today, the team with the cup will go to the square in front of sports and concert complex, where the trophy will be able to see all the fans. President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev congratulated the players "Zenit" fans of this club and the fans across the country with a beautiful, bright and well-deserved victory. Vladimir Putin congratulated his beloved team with a brilliant victory and believes this victory one of the clearest evidence of the rise of Russian football and sport in general.

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