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Draft gas pipeline South Stream ( "South Stream") is becoming clearer shape.

The agreement with Greece will enable the supply of "blue fuel" to the north of Italy and southern Germany.

April 29 in Moscow signed an intergovernmental Russian-Greek agreement on the construction of a pipeline on the territory of Greece. Power of the Greek part of the Southern stream "of 10 billion cubic meters of gas a year. The new route of transportation of Russian and Central Asian gas to Europe offered to the Russian Gazprom and Italian energy company ENI. Marine part of the pipeline will stretch from the station "Coast", located near the village Arkhipov-Osipovka at the Russian coast to the Bulgarian city of Burgas on the Black Sea. The length of the offshore portion of the pipeline from Russia to the Bulgarian coast will be 900 kilometers.

Land of the Southern stream "will consist of two branches.

One branch will go to the south-west across Bulgaria, Greece, on the bottom of the Adriatic to southern Italy in the city of Brindisi. The second line will stretch to the north-west, while considered two options: the first option - the branch will be held on the territory of Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Austria, the second option - the branch will be held on the territory of Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. In January this year, agreements were reached on the laying of the Southern stream "on the territory of Bulgaria and Serbia in February, a similar agreement was signed with Hungary. Thus, the branch took shape "Southern stream" in the north-west of the Balkans. The estimated cost of both branches is estimated at $ 14 billion.

first deliveries of 30 billion cubic meters of gas per year starting in 2013, when the Balkan country one after another to join the "South Stream", to ratify their agreement.

The "Southern stream" is similar to the project "В« Nord Stream, which is in the bottom of the Baltic Sea linking Russia with Germany.

two new pipelines are built, primarily in the interests of European gas consumers.

higher number of routes on which the В«blue fuelВ» goes from Russia to Europe will guarantee the supply of gas. Thanks to the construction of the Southern stream "Russia restores strong ties with its old allies in the Balkans, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. Russia's President Vladimir Putin said after the signing of Russian-Greek agreement, the implementation of "Southern stream" will certainly guarantee the needs of the Greek partners that will increase over the next 8 years, at least 2 times.

President of Russia stressed that the country "in a position to put the primary energy in the right volume and at competitive prices for Europe, you can list, only zagibaya fingers of one hand."

"If somebody in a position to economically acceptable conditions to implement other projects of its kind, to those of the product gas in sufficient quantities, we will be only happy."

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