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In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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Strategic aircraft will receive new weapons.

After 15 years of "idle" Russian "Bears" (TU-95) and "White Swan" (Tu-160) again return to the skies over the North Atlantic, near the water area of Alaska and the Indian Ocean.

Home Air Force engineers smith - famous Zhukovka - combined with the Air Force Academy of Gagarin, and moved from the capital to ÐÏÄÍÏÓËÏ×ÎÏÅ Monino, which will create a new academy, modern training facilities and the construction of additional shell.

At its equipment and scientific potential of this university will not yield to the best educational institutions.

order for the merger of universities was signed in March, Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov. At the request of aviators in the title kept two "family" stations - named Professor NE Zhukovskii and Yu.A. Gagarin. A total of Monino will teach, serve and learn more than 4.5 thousand officers - experienced pedagogogi and best commanders. Those who do not want to change the registered capital for podmoskovnuyu, the Academy will carry on the special buses. It will now be established sustainable financing of Air Force, Air Command that will help not only to reform its higher education, but also re-military part of the new technology, such as in strategic aviation. Park Air Force added yet another re-raketonostsem Tu-160, which will be under the Engels air base Saratov. "White Swan" the Russians will see over Red Square on May 9.

Air Force Academy named Zhukovskii - the oldest aviation university, with a studied prominent designers Sergei Ilyushin, Artem Mikoyan and Alexander Yakovlev, the graduates Zhukovki 107 Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia, more than twenty cosmonauts, including Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova.

By presidential decree Russia resumed long-range aviation flights, on combat patrol raketonostsy left the base city of Engels, Saratov region. On the "it" airplane "Novgorod" crew had seven vyletal to the coast of America. At the airbase based our "Bears" and "Swans", the life in full swing as the best aircraft for the Soviet times. Today, scheduled 12 sorties (80-100 hours). In America, the annual standard of 180 hours, we have - 140. Previously, pilots trained to 5 years to allow for the management raketonostsem, last year were produced 8 crew. Tu-95 ( "Bear") was adopted in 1957 and as a result of the modernization has become a truly versatile, and formidable, with the machine a "second youth".

There are GPS, GLONASS, will be in the future.

Pilots fly on its own, fully autonomous system, and navigators have to be very skillful, because the system does not depend either on satellites or from ground stations, he can perform an emergency landing at any airport of the world. Our "Partners for Peace of NATO at the meeting are in support, flying parallel to us and any attempts to interfere is not making. After the start of regular flights in the Atlantic and the Pacific "for the interception of our aircraft vyletalo up to 120 fighter aircraft, NATO. Near Alaska and Canada, the Atlantic Russian "Bear" and "Swan" long escorted the American F-16 fighter planes, the European borders - British Tornado, "Italian" Typhoon ", and French Mirages. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes accompaniment, sometimes - for several hours. At the bomber is not offensive weapons, only training, etem different "combat patrol" from "alert status". During the air patrol crews range aviation carried 217 conventional bombing and missile launches, the goals were completely real on the screen and was visible in the windows. Tu-95 and TU-160 takes to the sky. A few hundred kilometers from Saratov them waiting in the sky refueller Il-78. Pilots learn zapravlyatsya straight into the sky. The strategic bomber in flight, weighs about 150 tons, taking on board in the air nearly 30 tons of fuel. To do this he needs to approach the tanker at a distance of 120 meters, then gradually closer to him, as well as the length of the hose is only 21 meters. Taken stock of bomber in the air is enough for 15 hours. After the assignment aircraft are always an engineer with a bottle of champagne. It should open it so that the cork sure shot and hit the aircraft missile, drink it, nobody will, all this is purely symbolic. It is only then, after reporting to management, in our dining room for all who participated in the launching, pig, and you can hand poprazdnovat. Tu-160 "White Swan" - adopted in 1987. Crew - 4 persons.

This is the most powerful percussion aviation system in the world. At the board may be located on 12 cruise missiles with nuclear warheads or weapons bombing total weight of up to 40 tons.

Bomber equipped with beds, a toilet. Structurally, Tu-160 strategic bomber near an American B-1. Tu-95, natovtsy called "Medvedev," Tu-160 "Black Jack." On the basis of Tu-160 Tupolev Design Bureau is developing a fifth generation of Russian bombers.

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