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In Sochi open international economic forum "Kuban-2004".
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In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
Rostov opposition tried to open the veins during the arrest.
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In the first reading of an amendment adopted by well-known to the law on mass media.

Thus, in theory, any citizen of Russia will be able to close any printed or electronic publication with him neponravivsheysya publication.

successfully passed yesterday in the State Duma, the first reading of the bill, the deputy fifth convocation Robert Schlegel, a former activist of the youth movement "OUR." Schlegel believes that to correct the situation in the Russian media will turn out, if you add in paragraph 4 of the Law on the media the word "libel". 4 para Act includes - terrorism, extremism, and to justify them, pornography, propaganda and the cult of violence. He believes that only amended the existing law, violation of which involves a criminal or administrative penalties. Only specified that already exists. Word klevata was replaced by "false news" and softened version was endorsed in the first reading by 399 deputies, one was against and two abstained. The State Duma adopted amendments to the Law on Mass Media, which will provide an opportunity to close the publication, charged with libel. Amendments to the Law "On mass media" prohibit the use of media for disseminating "false information, defaming the honor and dignity of another person or undermines his reputation."

"defame" journalists, and above shall be prohibited.

The Criminal Code provides a punishment, but now, after amendment, any newspaper, television, radio can make a warning. Two warnings in a one-year permit suspension of output media and put in a court voprs to close it.

Who will decide - which calumny, and where is it?

Responsibility for the publication of defamatory information will be exclusively editor. The practice of honor and dignity of the citizen, when he submits to the court for publication of the author, the youngest deputy of the Duma seems insufficient. Specifics of the use of law in Russia requires that they be different interpretations. Russia already knows a few amendments to the laws that govern society's attitude to power. Amendments to the ¬Ђlaw on the referendum¬ї, nullifies any attempt to hear the views of society, to whom belongs the power of the constitution, article 282 of the Constitution appears in court cases on human rights defenders and opposition, whereas the new amendments to the Law on Media have threatened the existence of any publication, publications which may not please the interested parties.

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