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Dmitry Medvedev called the inertia of the main enemy of economic development in Russia.

Pro creativity of our nation say everywhere, but we are also a obrubaem and all. Let's go so we all got. "

Dmitry Medvedev, at a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council on Innovation, said: "I know who the main enemy - is the inertia of our administrative system. This is evident everywhere, starting with the federal and municipal ending. We have hurt ourselves." The place for the meeting has become the largest center of Russian science - ÐÏÄÍÏÓËÏ×ÎÁÑ Dubna. Prior to the meeting next president drove into the legendary Institute for Nuclear Research, which made many discoveries in the development of nuclear physics. Now in the laboratories of the Institute to apply nanotechnology, only 10% of enterprises in the country are using the latest development, the scale and impact of technological innovations so far is very low. The new president was briefed on the construction of technical and promotional special economic zone in Dubna, the other three are located in St. Petersburg, Zelenograd, and Tomsk. In a tent on the embankment of the Volga he showed mock dubninskoy economic zone. This special economic zone, the total area of 187 hectares, was established in 2006 to 2020, its construction would be completed. This will be invested 12.8 billion rubles of budgetary funds and 30 billion of private investment.

participants discussed the prospects of development of the national innovation system, because success in this direction - is a decisive condition for long-term economic growth and substantial improvement of the quality of people's lives.

Director of the Institute of Catalysis of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Valentin Parmon expressed the view that the development of innovative industries need to determine "the direction of the impact of innovation, and such priority would be to Russia in the deep processing of raw materials. Dmitry Medvedev agreed that the processing of raw materials is one of the main directions of development of the industry, "but we must not become fixated on any one direction, there are still hroshie momentum in a number of high-tech industries, which also needs to develop - this gas chemistry, petrochemistry and nuclear power. Moscow region Governor Boris Gromov felt the need to expand the influence of regions on innovation policies, in particular, the activities of science, such as Dubna. Vice-Premier - Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said on the steps taken in recent years to promote innovation, and noted that the macroeconomic situation in Russia is not yet fully consistent with the type of innovative economy, and called in this sense, the example of China. Dmitry Medvedev believes that Russian society has a great potential for innovation and "Russia must develop an innovative system which will be" drivers "of scientific and industrial development. We know that a dynamic sector of scientific development and effective commercialization of technology - the foundation of a competitive industrial production in developed countries, and also developed an innovative system includes not only the innovative projects and realizing the consequences of business innovation, and research sector in education. Innovation System - is the driving mechanism for scientific and industrial development of modern States its main task - to ensure the effective flow of all the innovation cycle, namely, it has a combination of legal, economic, institutional and financial instruments. And such a model we should strive. "

Russian innovation system we have already set up and operate its basic elements, but the instruments of innovation support weakly linked to each other, and some parts of the technological cycle, fragmented and poorly sostykovany with one another. " "In fact, this is not a system, a set of relatives, but the disparate things." Dmitry Medvedev believes that it is necessary to increase the proportion of enterprises engaged in technological innovation, to 40-50 per cent, while the share of innovative industrial products (output) - up to 25-35 per cent. At the same internal research and development costs should rise from the current one per cent of GDP to 3 percent in the first place - by increasing the costs of private business to science, and - this is absolutely real direction in which the domestic innovation system to be launched by the 2020. To address these challenges requires the early adoption of laws on the transfer of technology "and" patent agents. " "They contain the legal rules that will encourage innovation. In addition, it is necessary to raise the demand of real sector of the economy in the technology and innovation. Possession and disposal should be a profitable asset that can dramatically increase the capitalization of companies."

elected president of Russia has set a target "to develop an objective long-term forecast of scientific and technological development" and to overcome "fragmentation of scientific and corporate sectors of the innovation system." The development of the innovation system - is essentially a structural shift of the Russian economy and the real solution to the model, to achieve faster development. " And this "goal, which put the majority of countries".

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