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In Sochi open international economic forum "Kuban-2004".
23 thousand people visited the car forum in Krasnodar.
Russian edition of Forbes magazine published the list of 100 richest businessmen of Russia.
¬«Previously wrote the music for the people, and now for the show-business¬».
Preparing for anal sex: tips pornstars.
Fisting: technique, posture, and other useful tips.
In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
Rostov opposition tried to open the veins during the arrest.
Under Gazprom's reeled pipe.
Krasnodar "choke" without the 2018 World Cup.
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In the capital city of Stavropol region traffic police officers carried out an operation "for pedestrians.

For four days, 876 pedestrians violating traffic regulations and pay fines.

From 4 to 7 April in Stavropol was preventive operation "Pedestrian." Its objective - reducing the number of accidents involving pedestrians.

For 4 days in Stavropol violated the rules of the road 876 pedestrians.

All of them were issued a receipt-orders for the recovery of administrative responsibility for violation of Article 1229 Administrative Code "Violation of traffic rules pedestrians or other persons involved in traffic." Penalty for violation of traffic rules is 100 rubles. The operation was attended by 336 staff Stavropolski traffic police battalion. During her inspection was conducted of all urban pedestrian crossings, the proper placement of road signs and road markings. The most common violations in the city are: the transition of the carriageway is not at a pedestrian crossing and the crossing of the carriageway on the forbidding light.

ru–Т —Б—В–Њ–ї–Є—Ж–µ –°—В–∞–≤—А–Њ–њ–Њ–ї—М—Б–Ї–Њ–≥–Њ –Ї—А–∞—П —Б–Њ—В—А—Г–і–љ–Є–Ї–Є –У–Ш–С–Ф–Ф –њ—А–Њ–≤–µ–ї–Є –Њ–њ–µ—А–∞—Ж–Є—О "–Я–µ—И–µ—Е–Њ–і"
deIn der Hauptstadt der Region Stawropol Verkehr Polizeibeamten durchgef√Љhrt, eine Operation "f√Љr Fu√Яg√§nger.
esEn la capital de la región de Stavropol tráfico agentes de la policía llevó a cabo una operación "para los peatones.
frDans la capitale de la région de Stavropol circulation des agents de police a effectué une opération "pour les piétons.
itNella capitale della regione di Stavropol traffico agenti di polizia ha effettuato una operazione "per i pedoni.

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