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Bush is lucky to Russia cork.

On Saturday, U.S. President George W. Bush arrives in Sochi for talks with Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev.

main topic of talks - the fate of missile defense in Europe. Meanwhile, the ATC Sochi have already warned local residents that, due to visit the city will be virtually paralyzed, as motorists wait for big plugs.

Directly after the end of the Bucharest Summit of Heads of State and Government of countries - members of NATO, U.S. President George W. Bush flight to Sochi. Airplane American leader to arrive at the seaside resort for 5 April, but Bush and the heads of the negotiations of Russia Vladimir Putin will take place on Sunday 6 April. In addition, the meeting will be attended and elected president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

information on how to hold a free evening of April 5, an American visitor, not yet reported. But on the plans of the Heads of State on Sunday has told the assistant to the President of Russia Sergey Prikhodko.

В«On Sunday scheduled to meet President Putin and George W. Bush, who then will talk with President-elect Dmitry MedvedevВ», - said the other day Prikhodko.

It is assumed that the main topics of talks in Sochi will be the possibility of inviting the neighbors in the alliance of Russia - Georgia and Ukraine, the issues of NATO enlargement, as well as the problem of placement of missile defense (BMD) in the U.S. Europe. However, the Russian side has already clarified that the list of topics at the upcoming meeting will be considerably wider.

In particular, may be affected by the construction of a tunnel between Chukotka and Alaska. According to the source of the newspaper The Times in the Kremlin, the initiator of this idea made by Putin on Sunday.

As we wrote «çÁÚÅÔÁ.Ru», in talks with the U.S. side will also be involved Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Assistant to the President's national security adviser Stephen Hadley and U.S. Ambassador to Russia William Burns. In turn, Russia in Sochi will present the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, Sergei Prikhodko Assistant to the President and the Ambassador of Russia to the United States Yuri Ushakov.

Arrival of the American leader could bring a lot of inconvenience to local residents. ATC Sochi has warned motorists that the weekend in the city it is likely serious congestion. В«In the context of the Sochi events of international level, the arrival of foreign heads of states and the accompanying delegation traffic on the roads of the city of Sochi on 5 and 6 April, may be difficultВ», - has warned the press center of Sochi ATC. Inspectorate also asked drivers to avoid any possibility of travel by car.

Recall that back in early March in Russia visiting U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, after which Putin has said that he had received a В«seriousВ» proposals for compromise on the issue of placement elements of U.S. missile defense system in Eastern Europe.

According to U.S. Deputy Secretary of State and U.S. Representative to the UN John Bolton, Bush wants to have to approve the missile defense program before the end of his presidential term, and, if possible, the presidential term, Putin .

/ / Polina Matveyeva

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