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«Zenit» smashed «Bayer».

In the first match of 1 / 4 finals of the UEFA Cup «Zenit» from St. Petersburg defeated exit leverkuzensky «Bayer» with the score 4:1 and made a strong request for access to the tournament semifinals.

On Thursday, St. Petersburg «Zenit» held the first match 1 / 4 finals of the UEFA Cup against leverkuzenskogo «Bayer». Team Dick Attorney has the sole representative of Russia in the current evrokubkovom season, but matches with «Villarreal» and «Marcel» showed that Russian fans could hope for a successful performance ÐÉÔÅÒÃÅ× on the basis of all the UEFA Cup.

On match with «Bayer» Germany team Dick Attorney went almost in a strong composition. In the northern capital, there were only traumatized Alejandro Dominguez and Nicholas Lomberts.

Already in Leverkusen leader «Zenit», Andrei Arshavin, was joyful news: in St. Petersburg his wife Julia gave birth to a daughter, who called Alina.

Before the match became aware of a pleasant event for the only Russian player, calling for «Bayer». Dmitry Bulykin, once blistavshy composed «Dinamo», «engine», and the national team of Russia, extended the contract with his current club until the summer of 2009.

However, despite such high confidence from the leadership of the club, started the match with Bulykin «Zenit» spare on the bench. Although in the last match of the German Cup, where «Bayer» lost «Eintracht» with the score 0:2, Russian left in the starting composition, and for that meeting saw the chief coach of Russia Guus Hiddink.

«Zenit», and Bayer Leverkusen », lost in the first quarter of UEFA Cup match last national championship. Abuser ÐÉÔÅÒÃÅ× became Kazanskii «Rubin», which, losing 0:1, at the end of the meeting was able to score three goals in 8 minutes, and won with the score 3:1.

Despite this defeat, Dick Counsel (which this match ends trehmatchevaya disqualification imposed on him for the conduct of match with «Villarreal») put in the first minutes of the game in Leverkusen the same starting composition as against «Rubin».

And even in the gate, despite the errors in the match against Kazan club took Malafeev.

debut of the meeting was for the owners, who, however, only owned initiative. Gekas twice tried to run away from defenders Petersburg club, but every time he stopped the judge fixed the Greeks of «out of the game». Yes there was more trouble at the gates of «Zenit» at the end of the first desyatiminutki. First, after the penalty from the right flank Malafeev played confidently in the output in the face while with Manuel Friedrich. At this dangerous moment is not over - «Bayer» earned the penalty for a distance of some 27 meters from the gate of MI. He then shot through a wall and the ball flew straight into the hands of Malafeevu.

«Zenit» said passage Arshavina on the right flank, followed by transfer to the center for Pogrebnyak, but the ball did not come to St. Paul. As it turned out, it was the first alarming call for «Bayer».

In the next episode Anyukov, which is traditionally connected to the attack, made a dangerous backache from the right flank - Pogrebniak only slightly reached the ball. And after two minutes, all on the same right flank was Andrei Arshavin, who picked up the ball in the middle of the field, left out of the three players «Bayer», entered the penalty and irresistible Breaks directly under the crossbar.

«Zenit» led 1:0 in the account, and the newly father went to celebrate a goal, not forgetting, and the birth daughter, Alina, he showed the audience the way he would rock my daughter.

At the 23rd minute Zyryanov straight leg went into the selection of anti-Castro than fairly angered rival. Footballer «Bayer» evil pushed himself head Zyryanova lying on the lawn. Teams after this episode just did not come to fight «wall to wall», but the arbitrator has not allowed potasovki. Also received a yellow card Krizhanats, which is increasingly in the hands of all Mahal this time.

After that, the game calmed down a little than «Bayer» and took advantage. In the 33rd minute, the hosts organized a quick attack, which ended in bare gate «Zenit». After the passage of Gekasa flank followed by a dangerous header, but Shirley saved command vybiv ball of empty gates. Here are just a shell fell by Kiessling, who bottom sent the ball into the net, leveling effect.

At the time when the team went up 1:1. Beginning the second half was held at a fast pace. Both teams did not otsizhivalis of Defense, and the 52 th minute, this game has brought success «úÅÎÉÔÕ». Tymoshchuk made a interception in the center of the field and sent the ball on the course Arshavin, who this time has passed on the left flank. He then backache and Pogrebniak without interference, sent the ball into the net - 2:1 in favor of «Zenit»!

That goal became the ninth Pavel Pogrebnyak for the current UEFA Cup, taking into account the qualifying round. Thus, the Russian forward attacker caught up with the Swedish «Helsingborga» Henrik Larsson, who headed the table alone scorers to this Thursday.

A further «Bayer» «posypalsya». At the 61 th minute Anyukov passed to the right flank and does not reach the penalty, the sample of the gate. Goalkeeper owners Adler did not expect such a ÐÏÄ×Ï?Á, and the ball, hit on the ground, got to the far corner.

A further 3 minutes «Zenit» already led to the difference in the three-ball!

Defense «Bayer» collapsed in the center, and as a result of Arshavin accurate Paz brought Denisova one-on-one with Adler. Russian halfback confidently pereigral goalkeeper, and the account became 4:1 in favor of St. Petersburg club.

In fact, the game was made. «Bayer» tried to somehow make a difference, having played at least one ball, but pitertsy never allowed him to do so. Moreover, the guests were close to scoring the fifth ball. As a result, the team Dick Attorney won with the score 4:1. At the end of the meeting thousand fans «Zenit», arrived in Leverkusen, loudly chanting «Well done!»

«Zenit», no doubt, made the historic result. Visiting razgromnym to score victories in the spring of Eurocups domestic clubs do not have sought since the Kiev «Dinamo»: in 1986 in Kiev Cup Cup winner defeated in Vienna «Rapid» with the score 4:1 and as a result of the victory achieved in this competition. In 1987, «Dinamo» exit razgromilo Turkish «Besiktas» Cup champions in the quarter with the score 5:0, the truth, then in the semifinals of the sum of the two matches gave way «Oporto».

Of the major victories of Russian clubs, you can remember and the success of CSKA Moscow in the 1 / 4 finals of the UEFA Cup in 2005, when the army in his field defeated French «Auxerre» with the score 4: 0 and as a result won the second most prestigious trophy. Well, now the turn of the piterskim Club.

response meeting between «Zenit» and «Bayer» held in St. Petersburg exactly a week later, on 10 April. The winner of this confrontation will play in the semifinals with a strong team in a pair «Bavaria» (Munich, Germany) - «Getafe» (Spain).

/ / Nikolai Podorvanyuk

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