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The volume of housing construction in Nevinnomysske rose by 4.5% in 2007.

In Nevinnomysske (Stavropol Territory) in 2007 was conducted in the operation of 18.4 thousand square kilometers. meters of housing, which is 4.5% more than in the previous year, reported a correspondent of IA REGNUM on 2 April in the city.

In particular, there has been an increase in Nevinnomysske housing at the expense of the citizens: in 2007, through personal funds and citizens through credits built 7,3 thousand square meters. meters of housing to 6 thousand square kilometers. meters in 2006.

"Investment in housing construction in Nevinnomysske in 2007 amounted to 862 million rubles, it is 19% of the total investment," - said the representative of the city administration.

However, he said, the volume of entering shelter in the city "is still insufficient." "There is a need to increase significantly in the times" - said the agency interlocutor. Thus, in the near future the city plans to implement development projects 101 th and 7 th neighborhoods, which will put into operation more than 100 thousand square meters. meters of housing. In addition, this year in Nevinnomysske scheduled to begin construction of 96-apartment residential building for the public sector in the street. Instrument.

representative of the mayor's office also said that under the program of resettlement of citizens from the old and dilapidated housing stock in the past year in Nevinnomysske 10 families have been resettled.

"From the city budget for this purpose has been allocated 3.1 million rubles from the budget of the region - 5 million rubles. The money was acquired 10 apartments - seven one-and two-three" - said interlocutor.

As part of the program to provide housing for young families to obtain a certificate of subsidies for housing in 2007 were 34 nevinnomysskie family.

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