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State Duma allows abducting women for marriage. Men, too.

State Duma of the Russian Federation at the plenary meeting on April 2 refused to establish criminal responsibility for the abduction of women for the purpose of marriage, noting that there is a situation where the marriage kidnapped man.

As the correspondent of IA REGNUM, the bill on amending the Criminal Code, which the kidnappers of the wives are invited to sit in prison for three years, the State Duma did not support. The author of the initiative - the People's Assembly of the Republic of Ingushetia - notes that are now responsible, in most cases been able to avoid criminal liability on the basis of the notes to the article 126 of the Criminal Code, under which a person voluntarily release of the abducted, shall be exempt from criminal liability if he has not committed crime.

Therefore, the authors argue the bill, law enforcement agencies can not bring the kidnappers to justice.

"The injured party is not looking for protection from the state, often trying to force her to recover from the damage caused by injury - and it is regarded as the abduction of women by local custom" - note the authors of the bill. "This poses a real threat to judicial resolution of the conflict, resulting in potentially affected innocent", - the parliament of Ingushetia.

Meanwhile, as the conclusion of the Russian government on the bill, providing for a special kind of exemption from criminal responsibility in the abduction of people, the legislator proceeded from the need to neutralize or mitigate possible negative effects of the crime ". The Government believes that the proposed amendment to the Criminal Code "excludes the possibility of encouraging persons abducted a woman, for an end to its retention in captivity, eventually - to prevent the harmful effects of the crime."

The State Duma Committee on civil, criminal, arbitral and procedural legislation drew attention to the equality of citizens before the law regardless of gender.

first deputy chairman of the committee, Vladimir Gruzdev (United Russia) pointed to the disparity of the proposed sanctions - for the kidnapping of the Criminal Code now provides for 4 years in prison to 20 years with aggravating circumstances, and offers of Ingushetia for the abduction of women for since her marriage to deny freedom to 3 years. "In view of the constitutional principle of equality of citizens before the law irrespective of sex seems unreasonable to establish independent of the crime only in relation to the abduction of women, because there is a situation involving the abduction of a man with a purpose of marriage" - also said in the conclusions of the Committee on the bill.

During the discussion, Deputy Chairman of State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky (LDPR), stressed that the tradition of bride stealing thousands of years. "There are not enough women, but the Muslim boys, no money," - explained Zhirinovski. In that young people do not have wives and work, the Vice President sees the causes of terrorism.

In turn, State Duma deputy Alexei Rozuvan (United Russia), noted that "the Supreme Court upheld the concept of the bill, he called on MPs to approve the initiative on first reading.

Amendments to the Criminal Code, proposed Zaksobraniem Ingushetia, the State Duma rejected by 39 votes.

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