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In the near future, 17 governors will be replaced.

In the near future will be replaced by 17 governors. Such data are reported IA REGNUM source in the government ..

Under the "survival" refers to the study authors neuvolnenie from the heads of the region before the end of 2008.

main conclusions of the study are: a change of head of state will not be an impetus to a radical renewal of the Governor's body, a cult of governors - "lame ducks" (not by chance, unlike last year's ranking, where worst evaluation was a "deuce"

in 2008, four governors were "units" (Alexei Lebed (Khakassia), Nikolai Maksuta (Volgograd region, Alexander Montenegro (Stavropol region) and Nicholas Shaklein (Kirov Region));

recent appointment of heads of regions perpetuate the practice of the arrival of the governor of officials, weakly associated with the entrusted them with the members of the Federation, an important trend is the growing human resources policies "korporativizatsiya" Governor's shell and, finally, the experts concluded that the failure individual governors to ensure the results of voting for United Russia and Dmitry Medvedev, of course, reduces the confidence in him at the federal level, but if the head of the region there is no other serious claims, does not become an impetus for his replacement.

As previously reported IA REGNUM, the first rating was issued on 13 August 2007, when 18 heads of regions have received "Five, 27 - Quad, 24 -" Troika " 14 - "deuces. During this time his office had lost three-Governor "dvoechnika - Nikolai Kiselev (Arkhangelsk region), Konstantin Titov (Samara region) and Georgy Shpak (Ryazan region) and two" troechnika "- Anatoly Lisitsyn (Yaroslavl region), and Viktor Maslov (Smolensk area).

even a few heads "dvoechnikami Sergei Darkin (Primorye), Alexander Montenegro (Ctavropolsky edge)," troechnikami "Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (Kalmykia), Vladimir Kulakov (Voronezh region), Georgy Boos (Kaliningrad region) regions unfolded severe fighting, which has not yet led to staff changes.

retained their posts, all the governors, received the "quartet" and "five" in the previous rating. The latest rating - 20 "Excellent."

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