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Mitingovye passions - the second wave.

Last weekend marked for the residents of Stavropol, as well, and all over Russia, a new spiral of protests and ... consent.

on opposite sides have supporters and opponents of the Government of Russia social reform - the replacement of benefits in cash compensation.

In cities and vesyah Stavropol was more than a dozen rallies organized by the regional structures of the parties В«United RussiaВ» and the Communist Party, in a compartment with its allies in the fight against monetization. Judging by the number of past events, the victory in the В«gameВ» with the hockey score 9:3 won antimonetizatorskie force.

If you keep score by counting the number of participants, from a narrow top scored supporters of President Vladimir Putin of Russia and the ongoing reform.

In speaking supporters of the ruling party have surpassed their opponents. Statements В«edinorossovВ» were not only emotional, but informative. For example, opened in the provincial center of the rally, former mayor of Stavropol, now the deputy DG SK Mikhail Kuzmin said:

- Thanks to these benefits, which, in fact, do not enjoy our dear old, we are almost buried urban transportation management. Thanks to these benefits, we are in anticipation of the funeral of urban housing and communal services. Why do we need incentives that state, city and region can not pay? If a person is respected, if a person is honored, if a person benefits the state should - take, please, the money for it!

Nevertheless, former head of the regional center has recognized that reform needs to be very refined, as it does not take into account the entire weight categories of beneficiaries who have been in federal law, and severely impaired the interests of youth.

Note, however, that there has been a fact that brings together participants of all shares. And supporters and opponents have criticized monetization together ... the regional government and called for his resignation.

Only В«edinorossyВ» unlike antimonetizatorov were more constructive. In its resolution, they demanded on the edge of Governor Alexander Chernogorova to rescind the decision to raise tariffs and services, utilities, reduce costs for the maintenance of the Government of the province, and released funds to send to the increase of pensions and grants. In the case of non-compliance В«edinorossyВ» said В«reserves the right from 12 April to begin collecting signatures for a provincial referendum to demand the resignation of the UK government led by GovernorВ».

Nikolai Grischenko

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