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Since March, will live for a new ... Housing Code.

At the end of December last year adopted a new Housing Code of the Russian Federation, which will enter into force in March 2005.

Ego basic law regulating relations in the housing sector. What he will bring new owners, tenants and those who served housing? Today we introduce readers to the issues that concern most of our population. Just wanted to say that this is only the beginning of the debate. There are many questions, but in one publication to answer all the impossible, so this issue will continue in the next room. While their views on the matter said the first deputy minister of housing and communal services, construction and architecture of the Stavropol region Yuri Vishnevsky.

- First, consider the provision of the law relating to such concepts as housing and rebuilding and redevelopment. Under the restructuring and re-accommodation law to understand the installation, replacement or transfer of utilities, sanitary, electrical or other equipment, as well as changing its configuration, which requires an amendment to the technical passport dwelling.

All this is arranged in a certain local authorities institutions that deal with the conciliation procedure. The decision to harmonize or to refuse to be taken on a review of a declaration by that body no later than forty-five days from the date of submission of documents.

then formalized General of the act, which must be registered in the BTI, and then re-considered to be institutionalized. It is also responsible for the unauthorized acts of reconstruction and redevelopment, including eviction. Controversial issues are subject to judicial review.

topic of re-tune the process of transfer of residential premises in the non-residential and vice versa. You see that now a large number of pharmacies, all kinds of shops located on the first floors of apartment buildings. The law details the procedure for the transfer, including a list of required documents. Deal with these matters as a special entity, defined by the municipality. Here is the basic requirement - a separate entrance and exit for the use of space, which translates into a non-residential. Complete the transfer procedure mandatory General of the act. All this is detailed, carefully studied the articles 22 - 24 of the Housing Code.

the seizure of land for public and municipal purposes referred to in Article 32 of the LCD Russia. Apartment, as well as the plot of land may be confiscated for the state and municipal needs, especially with the consent of the owner and redemption through the dwelling.

And the owner of the dwelling must be notified about it no later than one year before the date of retirement. The decision of the local government for exemption is subject to compulsory state registration in the Registration Chamber. As for the redemption price of the dwelling, the conditions and timing, all this is determined by agreement of the parties. This purchase price will be based on market value of housing. Moreover, it should take into account all the losses incurred by the owner, including those that he incurred in changing their residence, the temporary use of paid housing, but should also take into account the costs of relocation costs for the services of Realtors, the registration of property rights to another found the owner of residential premises, lost his advantage.

Act provides for such a factor, as opposition to the withdrawal of the owner of the dwelling or unmet consent. In this case, the authorities are treated to an action in court where a judge may take the decision to the forced sale of the dwelling. The whole process in time to be completed within two years.

Also, the Housing Code specifies in detail the legal spouse in relation to housing as real estate, who intend to divorce or already divorced. In paragraph 4 of Article 31 is precisely stated that "in the event of termination of the family and the owner of the residential premises of the right to use the living quarters for the former member of the family of the owner is not preserved, except by agreement between the owner and a former member of his family." This applies to those who are married or marry only from selfish motives, that is, with the aim of "prihvatit" plum former wife of real estate in the event of divorce. In my view, difficult to understand a question concerning the proportion of the apartment of the family, if the privatization was designed by one of the spouses. Nevertheless, it is still a step forward compared to the situation that has evolved in our home on the old rules of law, when people who are not actually in any relationship, for years could not razehatsya.

Much of the Law on the theme of social rental. Article 64 of the LCD Russia regulates the relations between the parties of social contract of employment. First of all, what I would like to draw attention here - is that the contract is indefinite.

That is to transfer ownership to the occupants of the social contract of hiring does not entail the termination or modification. The new owner of the dwelling has no right to evict people who lived in the apartment earlier.

With regard to free housing privatization, the law establishes for the period - two years. Before 1 January 2007 can also be implemented and deprivatizatsiyu housing.

On other matters of interest to readers, we are ready to continue discussions on the new housing legislation in the next room.

Prepared by the Press Service of the Ministry of housing and communal services, construction and architecture of the Stavropol region.

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