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On the white light.

With the growth of mobile cellular phones is increasing and the number of complaints from customers about the quality of devices and services provider.

not spared this scourge, and Stavropol. She became the subject of a recent workshop held in the administration of the regional center.

At the meeting, organized at the initiative of the Division of Consumer Protection Committee for Economic Development and Trade of the city, were invited to the regional administration gostorginspektsii, radio-frequency center, and other interested agencies, which are increasingly confronted with these issues. As the checks carried out in a number of retail outlets Stavropol, the legislation protects the rights of consumers in the retail sale of mobile phones, are often violated.

One common violations - when sellers deliver used for new mobile devices, while not giving in tsennike that they are simply obliged to do under the law that requires the consumer to provide accurate information.

Another problem - the lack of Stavropol special service, which should be organized producers and serve primarily warranty repair. Such a service created mainly in major Russian cities, so this is a headache not only one Stavropol.

As verification, in retail outlets the regional center is the so-called В«grayВ», or non-certified phones. In general, the problem of В«grayВ» import exists throughout the world. But in Russia this phenomenon particularly nuanced. Sometimes В«grayВ» call numbers are not certified for use in Russia. But in our country's market regulation of communications is traditionally characterized by rigidity, therefore, can not be legally through customs to take phones that do not have a certificate Gossvyaznadzora. So this kind of product is no gray - this is a classic smuggling. According to the law enforcement agencies, such phones imported to Russia is very little - no more than 5% of the gray market. In fact, retailers are reluctant to communicate with the goods without a certificate. However, if the model is fitted with them, you can buy anywhere, and quite legitimately imported into Russia.

Often the goods are purchased through a formal representation is not the manufacturer. This is the most common definition of gray imports.

How to distinguish a В«whiteВ» phone from В«grayВ»? Usually sold in the second operator boxes, rather than the packaging manufacturer. Operator boxes, usually colorful, they are written, the name of the operator, not the manufacturer. There are also pipes in boxes with no markings. Sign В«serostiВ» also serves as an operator logo on the body or any other labels that have no relationship to the manufacturer. Nastorazhivat should and lack of firm guidance. If in Russian it is not, then this is the first sign of the left good. From such a purchase is better to abstain.


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