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Russian Orthodox Christmas.

True post is linked to prayer, repentance, with abstinence from passions and vices, the eradication of evil, forgiveness of offenses, with the exception of entertainment and entertainment.

In Russia the tradition of celebrating Christmas, appeared in X century, after the adoption of Christianity. Christian holidays are closely intertwined with the pagan, and Christmas was no exception, absorbed the traditions of the winter festival in honor of drevneslavyanskogo spiritual ancestors.

In 1582 in Europe has a new Gregorian calendar, but in Russia continued to enjoy yulianskim.

When at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Soviet authorities imposed a Gregorian calendar, and in Russia, the church has not endorsed, and the Orthodox Christmas is celebrated in our 13 days later, a Catholic.

precedes Christmas Eve. According to the statute of the monastery that day relied on a meal eat only sochivo - boiled wheat (or rice) with honey. Food and drink can not be used until the first stars. Once the star appeared in the sky, dinner sochivom.

It was in this night before Christmas, according to popular belief, dominated by two forces: good and evil.

What people adjoined, and with him and worked wonders. One barker kolyadovat and celebrate the birth of Christ for the festive table, and the other to collect sabbath.

In Christmas Eve had been taken to fuel fires. The tradition of the Slavs, like other peoples, linked to perceptions about the revival of the Sun, the beginning of a new solar year, the victory of light over darkness, and the cult of the dead ancestors.

of each court klalsya opportunities straw, which, after service in the church fire.

great importance was attached to a Christmas Eve dinner. Hut cleaned with special care, table zastilali clean tablecloth, ate in the solemn and strict silence.

At Christmas in Russia has long been taken to make the holiday table, which must surely be 12 dishes.

During Svyatok meat, according to the rules of the Orthodox Church, you can have every day. The festive menu has always been abundant and varied. The required courses are: sochivo, kutya, pancakes, jelly, filler fish, ham, cold boiled pork, mutton side with kasha, home sausage, roast pig, pig, stuffed with buckwheat porridge, goose or duck with antonovskimi apples, duck with cabbage, cakes and crackers .

After Christmas start ó×ÑÔËÉ - holidays, which last until Kreschenskogo Sochelnika.

At ó×ÑÔËÉ in Russia accepted ryaditsya, make fun games, go home, wake up sleeping, congratulations to all the counter-rotation of the sun in summer, and later, after the adoption of Christianity in Christmas , joke, sing songs. Christmas carols ended universal fun, skating with the slides, the general feast. Before we got a great variety of holiday songs ËÏÌÑÄÏË.

believe that the "saints' days, you can more accurately predict the future. Svyatochnye fortune-telling are varied and numerous. For gadany choose specific places - a bath or a room with a candle and a mirror, and a special time - evening or night. Participants gadany takes natelnye crosses all oberegi, raspuskali hair: all this was to help communicate with the spirits of the dead.

January 6 - the last day of the Christmas post. It lasts 40 days.

The main purpose of fasting is to Rozhdenstvenskogo spiritual purification, to meet the Christmas with a clean soul.

Rules abstinence prescribed by the Church in the Christmas post, just as stringent as Petrov post. Prohibited meat, butter, milk, eggs.

In addition, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the Christmas post charter prohibits fish, wine and oil, and are allowed to take food without oil only after the evening. Other days - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday - are allowed to take food with vegetable oil.

fish during the Christmas post is allowed on Saturday and Sunday and a great holiday.

Along with 27 parishes with thousands of Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity in the night of 6 to 7 January, met with Jerusalem, the Serbian and Georgian Orthodox Church, as well as afonskie monasteries, many of the Eastern rite Catholics (in particular, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church ) and part of Russia's Protestants.

On the second day of Christmas, January 8, New Style, or 26 December - the old, celebrating the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This day is dedicated to glorification of the Mother of God, "the joy of peace rodivshey.

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