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When the curtain rises.

At a recent joint meeting of the two regional ministries - education and culture - discussed the project to create a subscription, for which students, their teachers and parents could be on concessional terms to visit theaters, museums, a philharmonic society.

But, in general, it was a more serious problem. The cultural level of Russia's population declined in recent decades. This applies in particular to our children.

Raised in a time when В«the most important artВ» a television, they are the values of culture simply did not have a concept. The reasons are many. Not only, of course, the notorious TV, swimming in blood, filled serialami of thugs and their mistress. Of the school care (by age) generation of teachers, activists, children are able to bring humanitarian values as well-educated young teachers for obvious reasons, there is not delayed. If we add to this list of factors zadergannyh looking for earnings of parents, it is clear what is happening.

example: recently traveled to the provincial Academic Drama Theater named Lermontov at the evening performance, which led the crowd of schoolchildren. It was a pity the good actors and good performance. It is not just that children shurshali obertkami of chocolate and drank at the time of the picket. They are totally inadequate to respond to what is happening on stage - hohotali in dramatic moments, showing replicas, etc.

There I В«schoolВ» performances in the past ten and fifteen years ago, but this ... After all, sitting in the room did not even teenagers, as well adult boys and girls.

So, while at the meeting stated that the subscription is entered for an additional aesthetic education beyond the school curriculum, it seems that education is necessary to start almost from scratch.

With a school loan? Other possible inclusion of children to the culture. They can buy the book, where tickets will be in the theater, and the museum, and the Philharmonic, and at kraevedcheskuyu bus tour. And can - just in the theater, only in a museum, etc. This will be a series of visits or only one, for a month or a year, the holidays or weekends. You can attend, along with classmates, and it is possible - with the parents.

At the meeting the draft represented the Deputy Minister of Education and Culture edges Adamenko Svetlana and Vladimir Lychagin. The hall was attended by Director of Art and the museum, the Regional Drama, puppet theater, Philharmonic and other cultural centers. Nearby sat the heads of departments of education and Stavropol in some areas, school. Agitate them for the initiation of students to art or theater, it was not necessary. But here's how to do this in practice? For example, how to achieve that in the Philharmonic, or came to the museum, asking for forgiveness, not В«wild hordeВ», and children who are interested in and which, importantly, at least in general terms, represent, how to behave? To do this, there is only one recipe - you begin to prepare for the perception of the cultural values of teachers and parents. What is not simple.

separate issue - financial. How much will it cost loan, say, a year? Called the figure, and 100 rubles, and 200 and even 500, if you take into account the costs of rural schools for the arrival of Stavropol. Do not turn a good idea in this case, just in additional taxes that cause rejection and parents, and teachers?

one to pay the other to collect the money ... The leaders of cultural institutions immediately wanted to pass under the state order. B. Lychagin and S. Adamenko not supply specific illusions on this subject, and suggested that education and culture, first, to seek sponsors, and secondly, to promote a cultural product, which will be bought. In short, the need for promotion of the project is not yet a brainstorm. While one can not help but notice that all over the world for similar tickets for the children paid the state. So in Japan, USA, Germany.

Nevertheless, the idea deserves the attention and approval. Our region - in many respects, a treasure of culture. Deprive children of these treasures - unforgivable.


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